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Oct 11, 2015 12:38 PM ET

Archived: MANTENHAS: the fusion music and is based on the rhythms of traditional music from Guinea Bissau

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2015


“Mantenhas” is my second CD. In my country, Guinea Bissau, “Mantenhas” means: Greetings; Best regards; Souvenirs; Yearning. “Mantenhas”, has the support of musicians from Portugal, Guinea and other countries. This CD emphasizes the fusion music and is based on the rhythms of traditional music from Guinea Bissau. By pre-ordering the CD, you can contribute to this music project and help a cause in Guinea Bissau – The refuge house of Bambaran. To produce this CD, I will need the support of all and each one of you. Amazing things happen, when people get together for a cause. Do something incredible. Support this project.

Focused on fusion music and founded in the rhythms of traditional music of Guinea Bissau, “Mantenhas”, has the support of musicians from Portugal, Guinea, Brazil and other countries. 

Recovers melodies of popular music from Guinea-Bissau but it´s an album of originals songs in Creole and Portuguese. 

Overture on modernity, as a way to bring the culture of Guinea-Bissau to the vast public, thus promoting greater visibility of the country culture so often disregarded.

Each person can contribute to this project through multiple modalities and became a true supporter.

With contributions that can go from 5,00€ to 2 500,00€, the supporters will enjoy the following benefits: record credits, attend the opening concert, an autograph record, private show cases and other surprises to come…

For each amount invested, 20% will be allocated to the social cause of The refugees house of Bambaran – Orphanage in the Bor region.


Born in Guinea-Bissau, on March 1971. 

Fernando Ferreira leaves Guinea-Bissau at 5 years old, towards Cape Verde in the company of his parents and sisters. His father, a “morna” singer, influences the way he hears and feels the music. But it was not only the influences of “morna” music, the “tabanca”, the “coladeira” or “Lundum” music’s are also present. The Brazilian music comes into his life during his adolescence years, through his sisters. Great composers and interpreters such as Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Gil, João Gilberto and others became part of his musical influences. With his mother, Fernando discovers the nostalgia of the Portuguese Fado music. 

During high school and along with some colleagues, as a member of the group “O Bando”, he access the music of José Afonso, Fausto, Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco among others, as well as all the traditional music that resulted from his research of Giacometti and Lopes-Graça work, among others. 

Being an artist with various facets, he enters the world of theatre, working with distinctive personalities: Filipe la Feria, Juan Font (Els Comediants), Guilherme Filipe, Fernando Gomes and others, going through various genres, from musicals to drama. Fernando works in television, participating in series and in cinema with the film “O Ralo” from Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra and “O Herói” from Zezé Gamboa awarded at the Sundance festival. 

It is in the context of numerous experiences and influences that Fernando applies for the Music School of the National Conservatory where he will be tutored in singing with Professor Maria Cristina de Castro. 

He has performed as a singer in casinos, television programs and theatres. Fernando also performs concerts in various cultural facilities all over the country. 

His first album, “MESTIÇO”, is a record that reflects the influences of the Lusophony territory.


The value for the production of this campaign is intended to pay:

– Musicians; Musical production; Studio; Recording Technician; Mixtures; Mastering; Graphic design; CD Duplication; Other production expenses

Deadlines (forecast):

– Recording + mixtures + mastering – November 2015
– CD Duplication – First week of December 2015
– Delivery of awards: up to day 15 December, 2015
– Donation delivery to The refugees house Bambaran up to day 15 December 2015
– Official Edition CD: First quarter 2016

Contact Information:

Fernando Ferreira

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