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Oct 9, 2015 8:21 AM ET

Archived: Wonderwater!: Without sugar, carbs and only natural ingredients

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015


Why Crowdfunding?

Just after the first market introduction, our Wonderwater products received an overwhelming response that exceeded all our expectations. We sold all 40 000 units in just three months!

Now we want to increase our production volumes and grow faster to be able to deliver to our already existing customers and to reach out to new customers.

We now welcome you to become a shareholder in Wonderwater – the producer of REAL vitamin water – and to take the opportunity to become a part of this fast growing market.

We already have a big customer such as Norwegian airlines (that is flying 25 million people each year). In addition, we already work with Grand hotel Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel, Taverna brillo, Luzette, Mezefabriken, Coop nytorgsgatan and many other customers that love being a part of our mission, “to deliver an honest and transparent healthy vitaminwater to the people”. We want you as a supporter who will help us to develop further and grow successfully.

Join us and we will challenge the market together!

We are ready to take off! Become a shareholder and let`s make this a story to remember with honesty and transparancy!

Wonderwater has disrupted the market of vitamin water by taking it to the next level. We produce and sell sugarfree vitamin water (including sucralose, aspartam and fructose) from Sweden of highest quality, naturally rich on minerals and only with 100% natural nutrients that have proven beneficial effects without any carbohydrates!

During the initial start up phase, Wonderwater has tested it`s market by selling its products to chosen customers in Stockholm. The welcoming of Wonderwater has been overwhelming and the demand for our products is strong. We are now represented at Norwegian airlines inflight catering menu and top Hotels as Grand Hotel Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel. This is just the beginning, We will be where the people are, at the cafes, work, gym, grab & go and the airlines.

Wonderwater is the new kid in town!

  • WHY – In a category full of products with dubious ingredients and promises, we know that people look for brands they can trust.
  • HOW – We achieve this by offering sugarfree vitamin water of highest quality, only with natural nutrients that have proven beneficial effects.
  • WHAT – We are the real vitamin water.
  • WHERE – In Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, World.
  • WHO– For people who care about their wellbeing, looking for credible solutions and willing to pay for it.
  • WHEN – In an era when we are exposed to an array of choices in terms of products and retailers.


Fatma Stèr, the founder of Wonderwater, moved from Norway to Sweden to look for new opportunities. After some time in the music industry she decided to take on the route as an entrepreneur. As a consumer of vitaminwater, she was astonished to find out that the products on the market were all full of sugar and had doubtful health effects. An idea came to light. Fatma decided to challenge the whole vitamin water category with a product that kept its promises. A product that made a difference and meant something to consumers as well as partners.

After some research she found Nolby Källa (Well) in the northern landscape Medelpad, whose water has a perfect mineral content. In collaboration with nutritionists and a local brewery, she developed a sugarfree product made of only natural nutrients that had proven health benefits. The small enterprise Wonderwater was born. Fatma’s philosophy is simple. The product shall keep its promise. Honesty and Transparency are her lead words. ”If the product is good, why not let everybody know what’s in it” is her simple way of putting it. Both Wonderwater products are sugar free, contain only natural nutrients and have scientifically proven health benefits.

Just after the introduction of Wonderwater to the market, we received a tremendous response from the market – the customers wanted more and earlier critics of vitamin water gave Wonderwater the highest remarks. Fatma’s passion can’t be mistaken and her company is in the process of developing five new products. The next step is to take the Swedish success to the rest of Scandinavia.

The dream of giving the world a Swedish vitamin water with unique health benefits is constantly present. However, let’s take one step at a time.

Why are we doing this?

We entered the market because we saw that something was wrong – a market full of products with lots of sugar, doubtful promises and misleading communication to the consumers. The majority of all the healthy drinks is often containing sugar, unnatural ingredients and many calories – something that degraded the whole product category and created many discussions in the press. We are here to fill the gap in the market of healthy drinks and provide the consumers with 100% natural and sugarfree products.


It`s not complicated – just fill the bottles with goodness and honesty – be transparent!

With one of Swedens clearest wells, Nolby källa, as a base, adding only natural vitamins, minerals and ecological aromas, with no sugar or any other negative sweeteners, Wonderwater gives its consumers possibility to drink a healthy drink for real.

The media & experts are questioning the market!
The media & experts are questioning the market!
Contact Information:

Fatma Ster

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