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Oct 9, 2015 1:09 PM ET

Archived: Space Park: to build a number of solar system themed interactive art installations for kids and adults

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015

Space Park



We plan to build a number of solar system themed interactive art installations for kids and adults.  The installations will be built by local artists and programmed with the help of local high-school students.  While our initial event will be held at Perry Park in Somerville, we plan to take these collaborative, fun and educational events to parks around the world.  The primary funding goal of $10,000 will allow us to pay all the local artists and students who have donated their time to creating this first event as well as afford the resources needed to keep the event going in Somerville.   Our stretch goal of $15,000 will allow us to improve the exhibits, add more engaging installations and design them to last longer and be durable enough to travel.  

Our dream is to bring pop-up Space Parks, and their unique ability to educate youth about art and science in a fun way, to towns and states around the country.  For this we estimate we would need apx. $50,000.

Thank you so much for helping us realize this dream.

Core members:

Jason Behrens
Youth educator  
At Sunbear Local

When Jason took 4 year old Joey to Perry Park and Joey started calling it “Space Park” the spark was ignited and Jason immediately spread the idea to local artists.

James Fox
Artist At Beautiful Stuff Project
Amazing visual artist, mask-maker, and massive space enthusiast.  

When Jason told Jim about the Space Park plan Jim said yes before Jason finished explaining. http://beautifulstuffproject.com/?page_id=376

Brian Browne  
Artist / Maker  
At the Boston arts Academy STEAM-lab

With his amazing hand-made stylish reflective pants you can tell this man is an amazing maker from miles away.  When Jason visited him at Parts and Crafts, just one of the many organizations where builds everything from geodesic domes to cubeoctahedrons Brian fit into the puzzle perfectly. http://bostonartsacademy.org/home-news/steam-lab

Alex Ezorsky-Lie  
Filmmaker / Craftmaker
AweSpark Productions

When asked what he wanted to do when he grew up it was always a tossup between NASA and Hollywood.  When Jim asked him if he’d be interested in Space Park Alex grabbed his camera and his leatherman and headed right over. www.awespark.com

Steve Gordon
Creative Consultant / Instructor
At Amazing-stuff

As an engineer, science teacher, and amazing maze-builder/consultant Steve Gordon might as well be the mascot for the STEAM movement (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math). When Jason sent him a line Steve was hooked and has been an essential member ever since. www.amazing-stuff.com

Core Partners:
Parts ‘n Crafts
Artisan’s Asylum
Beautiful Stuff Project
Pop-Up Adventure Play
Somerville Recreation Department
Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
Neighborhood Childrens Organization

Contact Information:

alex ezorsky-lie
Jason Behrens
Steve Gordon

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