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Oct 9, 2015 11:44 AM ET

Archived: Nikitas Language Abroad Schools: Affordable and fun study-abroad experiences for student travelers looking to study a foreign language, intern abroad, teach, tutor, work, or requires student housing

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015
Personal Story

I grew up in Jamaica, attended High School and College in Brooklyn. Graduated Long Island University with Honors in Business Management and Computer Science. I started NIK-LAS.com after a mind-opening study-abroad experience.

I am very active in the Queens community, working on the recovery after Hurricane Sandy, and participating on a number of long-term recovery coalitions.

My dream is to expand the number of products that NIK-LAS.com offers, and region where we offer affordable study-abroad programs, internships, and international student housing.

Business Description

I am excited to report that this is my second Kiva Zip loan for my business! I fully repaid my first loan in full.

Nikitas Language Abroad Schools offers affordable and fun study-abroad experiences for student travelers looking to study a foreign language, intern abroad, teach, tutor, work, or requires student housing. Plus, we offer volunteer placements in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our programs are offered in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The NIK|LAS Study & Volunteer program combines language courses in several NIK|LAS destinations with a volunteer placement following the course. We recognize that United States higher education programs do not fully prepare students for what to expect in life after school. International experience and second language competency are now a necessity.

Our volunteer program offers work experience, language classes at all levels and also socio-cultural activities for the participants to get the most of their experience. Our volunteers find themselves involved in very fulfilling work in places across the globe.

Our Work & Study program combines language courses, in several NIK|LAS destinations, with a job placement following the class. We offer our student travelers the opportunity to experience a foreign culture firsthand, learn and improve their language skills during an in-country course, and later put you’re their new skills to work.

Our Lodging program offers housing in beautifully furnished Apartments and Homes for short to medium stay. We work with a list of Apartment owners and local families, in providing a diverse set of lodging options.

At Nikitas Language Abroad Schools, we provide all of these great opportunities at an affordable price, allowing students to experience studying abroad at a lower cost than other programs.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will use the loan to complete the development of a new website, and market its launch through social media, such as Facebook & GoAbroad.com This website will look and function more professionally, and will better capture e-commerce sales. The marketing will focus on online advertisement with Facebook and GoAbroad, to target user within our target market group looking to study abroad.

The cost breakdown is: 
1. Website Development cost ($3992) 
2. Marketing expense with Facebook($183), Goabroad.com ads ($2825).

*** Perks for Lenders: ***
Thanks for supporting my loan! I’d like to offer all my lenders a PERK for supporting me. Everyone who loans will receive a 10% off discount for our products when we are fully funded. Please see the Conversations tab for more details.

Contact Information:


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