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Oct 9, 2015 4:09 PM ET

Archived: New City Arts – Gallery, Office, & Studio Space: Help equip our new gallery, office, & studio space so that we can better serve local artists

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015

New City Arts – Gallery, Office, & Studio Space

What is New City Arts?


New City Arts Initiative (est. 2009) is a collaborative community that supports artists and facilitates cultural participation in Charlottesville, Virginia. We do this through:

  • EDUCATION: We curate a range of educational forums for artists as well as arts enthusiasts and advocates. For an example of this in action, see the New City Arts Forum.
  • VOCATION: We provide physical, financial, institutional, and relational resources to help Charlottesville artists learn, work, and make a living. For an example of this in action, see Charlottesville SOUP.
  • COMMUNITY: We serve as a supportive network for artists and community members by building bridges between different audiences including university professors and students, service providers and non-profits, churches, businesses, potential patrons, and other local arts organizations. For an example of this in action, see Housing2Home.
Over the last five years through core programs, New City Arts has:
  • Exhibited the work of over 150 local artists at our partnership gallery.
  • Granted more than $6,000 to local artists through SOUP grants.
  • Provided studio space for 9 local artists at The Haven.

What Do We Need?

ABOUT THE CONTEXT: In the last two years, Charlottesville has lost many downtown art spaces that once supported local artists. Galleries that were essential to our First Friday art walk have closed. Artists struggle to find affordable studio space. Creative, collaborative groups have recently found it difficult to find event venues for small arts performances. 

Working through partnerships — like our gallery at a local radio station and a residency at a downtown day shelter — New City Arts has worked to address these needs in alternative spaces. However, our arts events are packed in ad hoc spaces, preventing us from broadening our audience and serving more artists, due to a lack of physical capacity.

ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY: Within the last year, New City Arts began looking for a physical space that would position us to better serve the Charlottesville arts community. We needed it to be:

  • Centrally located on the Downtown Pedestrian Mall, so we could provide a new venue for Charlottesville’s First Friday art walk.
  • Versatile enough to support our staff offices, a gallery, studio space, and events.
  • Affordable, so that we could steward our financial resources well.

A few months ago, 114 3rd Street N.E. — a 1400 sq. ft. downtown, storefront property with a brick exterior and modern interior — became available. Last month (September 2015), we moved in and opened a new art space in this location calledWelcome Gallery.

This new location houses our staff offices, a gallery with monthly exhibit openings and weekly open hours, a short-term residency program for local artists, and a downtown event venue for small arts performances. 

ABOUT THE NEED:  For the last five years, the New City Arts headquarters was located at The Haven, a community partner whose facilities provided us with tables, a printer, desks, chairs, a copier, lights, heat, air conditioning, filing cabinets, trash cans, event space, event tables, event chairs, a kitchen, phone, and internet.

Our new downtown location (114 3rd St. NE) is an exciting opportunity to provide a much-needed, multi-function space for our community. However, in order to provide artist services and regular community outreach, we need the following:

  • Equipment for Public and Community Events ($7,000): folding tables, folding chairs, PA system, projector, outdoor cafe tables and chairs, sandwich board, exterior signage, coat rack, reception service ware, etc.
  • Professional Facilities for Artists ($14,000): electrical repairs, improved gallery lighting, studio sink, divider panels for increased wall space, A/C split unit, wall repair, interior signage, etc.
  • Necessary Gallery, Office, and Studio Furniture ($3,500): office desks, office chairs, reception desk, studio table, studio chair, filing cabinets, gallery bench, studio wall panels, kitchen dishes, trash can with lid, etc.
  • Increased Storage ($3,000): storage columns, shelving, etc.
  • Improved Accessibility ($9,500): exterior door renovation, bathroom door renovation.
This equipment, furniture, storage, and minor renovations will greatly impact our ability to provide artist services and host community events.

How Can We Achieve This?

This is where you come in. New City Arts is a community-based Initiative, so we need your help as we take this important step. If you support this project, you’re not just investing in this space; you’re investing in artists themselves and the community surrounding them.
Risks & Challenges: This is a new space to us, and we’re still learning how to maximize every square inch of wall and floor space to accommodate artist services and community outreach. We’ve been working with professionals (architects, designers, and artists) for the last few months to plan solutions for the gallery, studio, and office. These professionals have provided us with budget estimates for outfitting this space. Our primary challenges will be adapting to the different ways that various audiences use our space for different purposes, adjusting to new variables that arise during renovation, and working efficiently to implement our goals with only 1.5 staff.
Contact Information:

Maureen Brondyke
maegan moore
Elly Roller

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