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Oct 9, 2015 2:07 PM ET

Archived: Maker Pipe. A better way to build. A simple system of connectors that allows you to build anything with electrical metal conduit.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015

Maker Pipe is a simple, affordable, easy-to use system of connectors that pairs with inexpensive electrical conduit you can find at any hardware store.  The result is a building platform with endless possibilities.

Electrical Metal Conduit

The Maker Pipe building platform uses electrical metal conduit or electrical metal tubing (“EMT”).  EMT is can be found at just about any local or big box hardware store, making it extremely accessible. The traditional use of EMT is to house electrical wires in construction, but it is perfect for making.  What makes electrical conduit so awesome is its low cost, durability, and strength.  It typically comes in 10 or 5 foot lengths.

Electrical conduit and Maker Pipe connectors are strong!  Yep, THAT strong.
Electrical conduit and Maker Pipe connectors are strong! Yep, THAT strong.

Another great thing about EMT is it can be bent with a typical pipe bender (costs around $40.00) to customize and add some personality to your construction.

The Maker Pipe Building System

The Maker Pipe connectors are steel and have an industrial strength coating for appearance and protection from the elements.

The Standard Connector (will be black in production)

 Here is what you get with each Standard Connector:

 The 90 degree Connector

Here is what you get with each 90 degree Connector:

  The 180 degree Connector

 Here is what you get with each 180 degree Connector:

  The 3 Way Connector

  Here is what you get with each 3 Way Connector:

Connection Caps/Sleeves are critical to the Maker Pipe system.  They provide the grip needed by the connectors to do such a tremendous job!  There are two versions, the Connection Cap is used for a pipe end and the Connection Sleeve is used for anywhere in between.  These parts come ready to go and just need to be slipped on.  

 You have the option to upgrade your pipe to a full wrap.  Maker Pipe Wrap is available in 10 foot lengths that will completely cover a 10 foot section of conduit.  It gives you the flexibility to put connectors anywhere along the pipe and adds some of your personal style.  The wrap is UV stable and is approved for outdoor use.

Maker Pipe Wrap is available in a variety of colors.

 After heat application, it looks sharp!

No Power Tools Needed!

All you need is a Pipe Cutter, 5mm Allen Wrench, Marker, and Tape Measure.  This makes Maker Pipe extremely approachable and portable.  You are no longer bound by the need for electricity or battery life!

How to Build

First things first, come up with a plan as to what you are looking to build. Then decide on your measurements and mark the pipe accordingly. 

Next, use your hand held pipe cutter to cut the pipe to the desired lengths.

Now, place your connector caps/sleeves in the desired locations. These locations would be anywhere you are planning on placing your connectors. The caps are for the ends of the pipe and the sleeves are for placement in the middle. 

Next, attach your connector over the connector cap/sleeve.

Fasten with your nut & bolt and tighten with your Allen/hex wrench.

Continue building using these same steps until you have completed your construction. Be sure to tighten all connectors when building is complete.

Extra: As an option to the Connection Caps/Sleeves, Maker Pipe can be easily customized with our colorful wrap.  Not only does this add style, but it also gives the pipe a “finished” look.  If you choose to personalize your build with our colorful wrap, all you will need to do is cut the wrap to match the lengths of your pipe.  Be sure to leave about ¾ inch extra on each end, so that you can fold the wrap in after it has been heated. This gives the pipe a great look and also protects surfaces from the metal conduit ends.  Use a standard heat gun (costs around $30.00) and work from one end to the other, turning the pipe as you go. When using a full length of wrap there is no need to use the connector sleeves.

Build Anything!

These are just some of the items we decided to build with the first prototypes.  We can’t wait to see what you build with Maker Pipe!

Portable Bike Stand

Glass Top Desk     

Garage Shelving & Tool Rack

Chairs, Table & Patio Canopy

How we got here

Maker Pipe was born out of the need to make custom items for our homes and workplaces.  Many prototypes and revisions later, we are proud to offer it up to the Kickstarter community.  Here are some photos of our prototypes to date:

We are at a point now where we cannot go any further without your help.  Maker Pipe connectors will be steel and stamped from thick sheet metal.  It’s really the only way to have the strength and rigidity required, while making the price affordable for everyone.  This cannot happen without the creation of sheet metal stamping dies, which can be very expensive.  For example, the investment in production tooling for our four connectors is well over $60,000.  BUT, with your backing and support, we will be able to pay for the initial material and labor costs of production, plus have a little leftover to cover a portion of the initial tooling investment.  It will get us us started, and allow everyone to have a better way to build!


We can’t do this without you and truly appreciate your support at any level.  We love the $1 donations and are thrilled that you care enough to support.  If you can do something more, great!  We can’t wait to get Maker Pipe into your hands and see what you will build.  Our rewards are made up of the same four connectors and accessories, just in different quantities.  Check out the early bird discount while they last, we discounted them 15-25% over our already discounted campaign pricing to get this thing rolling!

Maker Pipe Vision

Have you have ever built something custom, that truly meets your needs or has allowed you to express your creativity?  It’s an awesome accomplishment and whether you did that yesterday or a while back, that feeling is hard to forget.  Maybe you even shared that special moment with someone you care about… those memories endure.  That’s why we are so passionate about putting Maker Pipe in everyone’s hands.  We want more people to feel that sense of accomplishment and experience those special moments with others.  It can be life changing at the individual level, maybe even a movement if more of us are enabled to make.

We would love to see Maker Pipe fulfill that dream and grow into an expansive building system with an enthusiastic community.  We are passionate about making the connectors available so that everyone has a better way to build, create, and see their dreams become reality.  We love the creativity and passion that the Maker community has and would be honored to see Maker Pipe be a part of that.  In addition to the connectors we plan to produce all kinds of additional goodies to help people be creative with conduit.  We see the need for many different connectors and accessories to really unleash the power of Maker Pipe.  We can also see a day where we create connectors for different size conduit and pipe.  Back us today so we can make our first production connectors and you can make whatever you want!

Dave at NYC World Maker Faire 2013.  We are proud to be an exhibitor this year!
Dave at NYC World Maker Faire 2013. We are proud to be an exhibitor this year!
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Maker Pipe

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