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Oct 8, 2015 9:25 AM ET

Archived: YOBI FUND – The World’s First Crowdfunding Digital Finance Company

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

YOBI FUND is the world’s first digital finance company crowdfunded by the general public. We underwrite loans and leases originated and managed fully online. 

Our go to market strategy is to innovate new financing solutions that could yield a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

YOBI FUND is like a digital GE CAPITAL. We are launching a portfolio of websites financing various asset-based transactions across distinct lines of business. It is our strategic intent to disrupt and transform the alternative and peer-to-peer finance industries.

Each line of business has its own credit analysts and risk management teams for sourcing, vetting and approving customer transactions to be crowdfunded on the parent company, YOBIFUND.com.

The standard revenue model across all the lines of business is charging loan origination fees and earning a spread between the crowdfunding cost of capital and the market financing rates charged to borrowers.

As the first crowdfunding finance platform allowing investments from the general public, we believe YOBI FUND will garner significant branding and market recognition. This distinction should play a pivotal role as we gain momentum in the rapidly growing crowdfunding marketplace. 

Strengthening our competitive advantage, we have acquired an exclusive worldwide license to two pending patents:

“A System for Buying and Selling Securities over a Distributed Communications Network” and “A Method and System for Active-Participation in an Investor-Managed Corporation”.

Our patent-pending technology is a novel system for ensuring no investment bid violates sometimes conflicting and overlapping Federal or State Securities Regulations. These patents could prove invaluable as other crowdfunding competitors attempt to enter our space. 

Our Financing Technology platform is key and instrumental to our success in rapidly deploying a vast portfolio of financing lines of business across many customer segments.

Our micro product focused approach allows us to target customers more precisely, build tremendous brand value by niche, and allows us to generate precise content for search engine optimization.

Many of our lines of business share the same technological requirements. As such, we have designed a Common Financing Management Architecture and Technological Framework that can be easily plugged and played across each line of business.

This allows for significant reduction in our go to market timeline. Once we identify a new market niche to serve, we will have the ability to provision and deploy a fully functional web presence for that financing line of business in less than 30 days.

We designed our Finance Technology platform for ubiquity and scale. We can easily handle the processing of over 100,000 credit applications per day.


1. You can purchase PRE-IPO Shares of Common Stock

2. You can purchase 1 to 5 Year Fixed Income Debt Securities with periodic payments at a fixed rate of return.

3. You can purchase Fixed Income Debt Securities to finance a specific customer transaction sourced from one of our subsidiary websites.


Terrorism is a global social epidemic. Terrorist attacks claim the lives of thousands of innocent people every year and cause catastrophic and massive economic damage. The continued threat of terrorism is having a crippling psychological effect on our society.

According to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, in 2013, a total of 9,707 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide, resulting in more than 17,800 deaths and more than 32,500 injuries spanning across 93 different countries. This equates to an average of 809 terrorist attacks per month. The primary targets of terrorist attacks are citizens and private property.

Global terrorism has caused a surge in the manufacturing and selling of Anti-Terrorism Military Equipment capable of detecting and defusing bombs. A surge has also occurred in the need of protective gear and equipment for nurses, doctors, and relief workers putting themselves in harm’s way on rescue missions to care for wounded victims of terror.

Nonetheless, governments, municipalities, and private enterprises often lack the financing to deploy Anti-Terrorism equipment and protective gear. Traditional finance companies categorize Anti-Terrorism equipment as mobile and difficult to confiscate when necessary.

For instance, relief organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross has had to delay, cancel or terminate humanitarian missions in war torn or natural disaster areas due in part to a lack of access to anti-terrorism protective equipment that would enable workers to conduct their missions safely. 

Maintera.com, a domain name operated by YOBI LEASING, a subsidiary line of business of YOBI FUND, solves these problems and makes protective Anti-Terrorism Military Equipment easily accessible and affordable to both governments and commercial enterprises.

Maintera.com is establishing relationships with a global network of Anti-Terrorism Military Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to finance customer orders for this equipment through their network of dealers and distributors.

Maintera.com will fund these deals by selling fixed income debt securities to an online network of both accredited and unaccredited investors in a crowdfunding business model.

We will seek celebrity endorsers to promote YOBI FUND through social media assets by encouraging their fans and the general public to save lives and prevent more terrorist attacks by investing in YOBI FUND.

An American company with a headquarters or plant oversees wants to protect their employees from potential bomb attacks. Due to the perceived credit risk of leasing mobile military equipment, the company is unable to secure financing for this equipment from traditional financing sources. Maintera.com can finance this deal.


According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, in 2014 investments in equipment and software grew to $903 billion. Global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) utilize both in-house sales teams and independent networks of dealers to sell their products.

The highly fragmented independent dealer networks account for billions of dollars in revenue and is our initial target channel partners for deal flow.

Landmont.com, a domain name operated by YOBI LEASING, a subsidiary of YOBI FUND, will compete with OEM financing programs with a more competitive price point and with a significantly enhanced dealer and customer e-business solution experience.

Most secondary financing requires a borrower to sign-off on installed equipment before the financing company releases funds to the dealer. For large purchases, dealers may not have the cash flow to float the advance purchase. As such, on larger financing transactions dealers are generally constrained to use OEM financing at higher rates.

We believe this inefficiency creates a multi-billion dollar sales opportunity in the marketplace! Landmont.com plans to pre-purchase equipment from dealers with a high quality credit and service performance history.

We anticipate pricing dealer rate cards at a discount to their existing OEM rate cards such that the dealer could gain additional profits of at least $50,000 per million in leased sales.

Leasing companies are very low-tech. Very few have websites and only a small fraction have online servicing capabilities. We believe our full-service web portals should establish Landmont.com as a leader in the space. We will process and service all dealer and customer credit applications via our web portal.

Landmont.com has already made significant progress in developing momentum with over 80 active equipment dealers. We anticipate financing over $100 Million in equipment leases after our first year of onboarding the current list of dealers with expressed interest in our leasing program.

Landmont.com will fund these deals by selling fixed income debt securities to an online network of both accredited and general public investors in a crowdfunding business model.

A dealer secures a large equipment order from a direct customer but does not have the working capital to pre-purchase the equipment from the OEM. He turns to Landmont.com for financing.


According to REDFIN, residential house flipping in the US is a $21 Billion industry with 153,000 homes flipped in 2014 with an average investment of $150,000 and an average gross profit of $90,000.

We define a house flip as a house purchased and sold within one calendar year. There are tens of thousands of house flippers within the US alone. These real estate investors initially purchase fix and flip properties with their own cash or with their local bank line of credit. When these sources of capital run dry, they seek alternative sources of financing.

A highly fragmented network of high net worth individuals invest or loan money to house flippers. These private investors generally post listings on classified online directories, such as Craigslist. There exist a huge opportunity for consolidating these private real estate investors and to establishing a well-known brand for offering alternative financing for the real estate house flipping industry.

KeepFlipping.com, a domain name operated by YOBI HOMES, a subsidiary line of business of YOBI FUND, will establish a brand for alternative real estate financing for the highly fragmented house flipping industry.

KeepFlipping.com will efficiently source capital from a network of both accredited and general public investors and will optimally deploy this capital to fund profitable house flipping opportunities where both the investors and the house flippers can earn a great return on the investment.

Unlike traditional banks and finance companies, we do not rely on traditional credit and financial profiling as the basis for approving or rejecting fix-and-flip deals.

Specifically, we will source and deploy capital more efficiently by adopting an Opportunity Score ™ system. Our Opportunity Score ™ system uses Big Data analytics to determine an investment risk assessment.

For the house flipping industry, the Opportunity Score™ system considers various deal metrics including information about the neighborhood of the investment property, square footage of the property, fair market appraisal of improved and similar sized properties within the same neighborhood, and the average number of days it takes to sell a comparable house in that particular neighborhood.

KeepFlipping.com will fund these deals by selling fixed income debt securities to an online network of both accredited and general public investors in a crowdfunding business model.

A real estate investor has exhausted his personal finances and his line of credit with his local bank. If he had access to additional capital he would flip more properties. He turns to KeepFlipping.com for financing.


We received a $5.2 million infusion at a $14 million pre-money valuation to fund our patent acquisitions, IT Infrastructure, Web Development, and IT Support costs for Yobifund.com, Maintera.com, KeepFlipping.com, and Landmont.com. 

We have established a leasing program for MEGANET Corporation to finance their Jammers, Surveillance Drones, Interceptors, and other Anti-Terrorism Military and Protection Equipment for their domestic and international customers.

We have identified over 80 equipment dealers, similar to Paper Trail Office Solutions that have expressed interest in financing their customer orders through Yobi Leasing due to our more innovative and rate competitive financing solutions. We expect to generate over $100 Million in financing deals annually from these dealers once they are converted to our platform.


After we close this investment round we plan to open another investment round that takes advantage of the recently updated Regulation A exemption (sometimes referred to as Regulation A+). The Regulation A+ exemption requires us to submit an offering statement to the SEC for review and qualification, but once qualified, we will be able to offer and sell fixed income debt securities or equity securities to the general public from our website.

You can think of a Regulation A+ offering much like a scaled down version of a registered offering. We are referring to this offering as a PRE-IPO offering.

NASDAQ has already reserved our ticker symbol, YOBI, for trading. After we build solid momentum we plan to take advantage of the Regulation A+ option to list with a National Stock Exchange. We anticipate listing with NASDAQ as a development stage IPO in 2016.

Oct 2015: Close Private Placement Investment Round

Nov 2015: File Regulation A+ IPO Offering Statement with the SEC

Nov 2015: Launch Subsidiary Websites for Dealer Registration

Jan 2016: Anticipate receiving SEC Regulation A+ Qualification

Feb 2016: Launch YOBI FUND to General Public (PRE-IPO)

Feb 2016: Crowdfund and Finance Subsidiary Deals

Aug 2016: Anticipate Listing on NASDAQ as Development Stage IPO

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