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Oct 8, 2015 1:35 PM ET

UGDB: For Better Journalism Coverage Of The Games We Love: At, we’re tired of inadequate coverage of games and issues we care about. Join us in changing that!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

The Problem: Female Gaming and Indie Titles are growing fields with often inadequate coverage. Even where coverage exists, gamers must scour half a dozen sites to get an accurate view of the state of games.

More indie games, girl gaming, and gaming comics coverage…and a chance to change the industry together by giving YOU, the gamer, a voice. AND a centralized location to get it all.

With your support we can build a community focused on quality gaming journalism covering the topics that gamers care about. At UGDB we want to know what you think and how you think and what games need the coverage and support that’s hard to find in gaming journalism today.

We’re focused on quality and covering the “It’s time to take control of the gaming industry” by letting you opinions be heard. Let UGDB be that vehicle for you!

  • 2x the Indie Game Coverage (See our coverage here)
  • 2x the Girl Gaming Coverage (See our coverage here)
  • 2x the Comics (See George’s Corner here)
  • Battle Royale
  • Game Suggestion Engine
Excerpt from George's Corner - Action Games vs Dark Souls
Excerpt from George’s Corner – Action Games vs Dark Souls

Below is our breakdown of the budget for the Kickstarter money, but our goal is to double our coverage of indie games and female perspectives in gaming, find what players want to hear about, and deliver regular, engaging journalism. Community funding will make that goal possible.

We’ll also be committing to release two new functions to the site to assist with finding new games to play, which is funded by Ryan and Aaron.

A Typical UGDB Meeting
A Typical UGDB Meeting

The first of these is called “Battle Royale,” a 1v1 game versus game comparison where the user selects which game they think is better. This battle is used to help build our top 200 game list, which is ever changing and evolving. Additionally this information will be used for our second new site function simply called the “Game Suggestion Engine.”

The Game suggestion engine will list out several games based on an algorithm of Battle Royale, Ratings, Reviews, Game Collection, and other data on the site. When put together we’ll show a list of games that we think could be interesting for you to look into further.

On top of these new features we will also we adding integration with Steam, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network. These integrations will allow you to track all of your gaming achievements, collections, and ratings in one place.

To sum up: More coverage of what you care about in video games, and more features to help you find new games to play.

At UGDB we’ve been running hard and pushing the envelope for the last two years. We want to take the next step and push our series’ of content even further.

Alone we can and have done a lot, but with your support and help we’ll be able to push the gaming industry to the next level, with top notch journalism.

Currently UGDB is funded by Aaron Davis and Ryan McCay and that commitment is continuing into 2016. In 2015 Aaron and Ryan together contributed $25,000 of their personal funds to provide everyone with series’ such as George’s Corner and Indie Spotlight among other great content series’ by George, Derek, Chris, Sunday, and Joanna.

Here’s a quick breakdown, but if you want to know more about our team head to

  • Ryan McCay – Founder in charge of Business and Marketing (CEO)
  • Aaron Davis – Founder in charge of Development (COO)
  • Lance Finley – User Experience Director
  • Chris McKeever – Lead Editor & Journalist
  • Sunday Avery – Lead Journalist & Social Media Manager
  • George Alexopoulis – Comic Artist
  • Joanna Nelius – Journalist
  • Derek Wentz – Journalist
  • Eric Wei – Lead Software Engineer
  • Howard Lee – Software Engineer
  • David Schlessman – Software Engineer
  • Stephen Jarnagin – Software Engineer
  • Kierian Croom – Lead Content Manager and Social Advocate
  • April Davis – Content Manager and Social Advocate
  • Devon Santagato – Content Manager and Social Advocate
  • Daniel Powell – Content Manager and Social Advocate

At Ultimate Game Database we love games and we are passionate about changing the industry. Whether we’re sulking in the corner from another death in Dark Souls or bragging about the new rare Pokemon we captured in Pokemon X, our life is gaming. 

 So, what’s the point of this UGDB? To provide gamers with the information needed to buy games that meet and exceed their expectations. Have you ever bought a game and found yourself 10 hours in and finished playing? Or stuck in a glitch? Or so bored you want to suffocate a murloc? 

 The mission of is to stop horrible gaming experiences from ever happening. Period. Now it’s up to you. Make a difference for fellow gamers. Rate and review some games and tell everyone about your gaming experience, then join us in finding new world worth exploring.

We want to be completely transparent, so here’s the breakdown of what the money will be used for when we reach our goal (on a yearly basis). This is in addition to our current budget, so this is all additional content. Feel free to ask questions!

  • Kickstarter Fees (5%) – $1,000.05
  • Transaction fees (3-5%) – $1000.05
  • George’s Corner Season 2 – $4,800
  • Server/Hosting Expenses (4 servers in the Azure Cloud, we cover 2 of them ourselves) – $1,800
  • Journalists (Joanna, Chris, Derek, Sunday, and another to be hired) – $9,360
  • New Comic Artist (To be hired) – $2,000
  • Temporary Tattoo of UGDB Logo for Sunday – $39.90 
  • Kickstarter Reward Cost & Postage – $3.59 + Shipping for each comic book
  • Kickstarter Reward Thank-You Card Postage – Basic postage 

Any excess in funding will go towards more comics in the second season of George’s Corner, additional coverage in our Wednesday Indie Pick and Indie Spotlight Series’, and additional coverage. Otherwise, we’ll note it here if it goes to any other areas.

With this campaign we’re giving everyone an opportunity to talk to us and we’re holding regular events throughout the campaign. Stop by and ask us some questions!

  • October 2nd – Joanna Twitch Stream! 9PM-11PM CST.
  • October 9th – UGDB Team Stream – Several Members get together and stream us playing a game together 7pm-10pm CST
  • October 9th –  Joanna Twitch Stream! 9PM-11PM CST.
  • October 16th –  Joanna Twitch Stream! 9PM-11PM CST.
  • October 17th – 24 hour stream – Aaron Davis (8am CST 17th – 8am CST 18th)
  • October 18th – Triple G Stream 7pm-8pm CST
  • October 23rd – Reddit AMA with Joanna 7pm CST – 9pm CST
  • October 23rd – Joanna Twitch Stream! 9PM-11PM CST.
  • October 24th – 24 Hour Stream – April Davis (8am CST 24th – 8am CST 25th)
  • October 27th – 24 Hour Stream – Devon Santagato
  • October 30th – 24 Hour Stream – Ryan McCay
  • October 30th – Joanna Twitch Stream! 9PM-11PM CST.
  • October 31st – 24 Hour Stream – Kierian Croom
  • November 6th – 24 Hour Stream – Aaron Davis (8am CST 6th – 8am CST 7th)
Contact Information:

Ryan McCay

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