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Oct 8, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Archived: KAZOOMIES Feel Good Food: A new, sustainable food venue that gives back to the community with OZ Harvest & local small businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

KAZOOMIES Feel Good Food

A new, sustainable food venue that gives back to the community with OZ Harvest & local small businesses.

 Kazoomies – Feel good Food 

Help us help others.

Chef Nimrod Kazoom.JPG


Fremantle Port Skyline. View From Kazoomies Restaurant

Kazoomies – on the deck of the E-shed, port of Fremantle City,  opening Spring 2015

Food inspired by North Africa, spices, traditions and slow cooking.

Kazoomies serves tradition and history of food from the old countries and our mothers, infused with Innovation, lightness, simplicity, and colour of the home cooked cuisine that just wants to wrap you up when you’re cold and tickle you when you’re hot.

I am asking for your assistance in creating a truly new type of restaurant – that creates a sense of wellbeing.

Upcycling – but not for the sake of being cool.

Recycling – to give nutritious food to those who need our help through working with OZ Harvest.

No Gordon Ramseys, no Master Chefs, no MKRs, just honest good food that is made to make you remember that you were here 10 years from now. 

Be a part of this, be a part of change.

Passing the tipping point of $10,000 is essential to lift the project off the ground.

If we reach the dream point goal of 39,000 the project will spread its wings and start to fly!


 “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Menu options for Spring 2015.



OLDIES BUT GOLDIES!  few teasers of our menu…


Dukkah crusted Middle Eastern Fetta, with Chilli & Capsicum Jam


HAND MADE stuffed onion hearts, tomatoes and citrus dolmades. ADDICTIVE!


Jerusalem hommus. chunky, Hearty, old family recipe!


Trio of dips: Kalamata Baba ganoush, pickled beetroot labna, poached garlic dip


Dolmades. cooked infused with orange zest and olive oil… this one is mum’s

 Awarded Best Schnitzel Parmi in Perth by WA Today

 Awarded Best Schnitzel Parmi in Perth by WA Today


Red and Green Shakshuka. Mama's recipes

Red and Green Shakshuka. voted top 25 brekfasts in Australia by the Gourmet Traveler


Pease support this project to deliver real Feel Good Food, helping people with real needs through OZ Harvest, delivering a sustainable low waste low energy and locally sourced products, employing real people with fair wages and supporting those in transition to independant living through traning and work.


What we need to open and maintain the restaurant:


$3,500-$4,650          Point Of Sale system

$1100                         2 commercial toasters

$4400                         2 commercial fryers, natural gas

$6,000                        Coffee machine to reduce costs of hiring a machine

$1,600                        Stove-top 6 burners (to cook the food)

$2,500-$3,400          Recycled bench-top fridge (to keep food cold)

$1,500                        Signage (so you know where to find us)

$1,850                        Tables (so people can eat at)

$600                           Electrician certification (barter is acceptable)

$2,500                        commercial dough-mixer (so we can give you awesome bread)

$2000 -$3,000          Basic sound system (an iPod will do – maybe)

$3,800                        Food stock

$2,700                        Additional set-up costs

$6,000                        Fees and Taxes


Total Sum    $39,000

Help me help others and start this project, you will receive your rewards as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nimrod Kazoom


Contact Information:

Nimrod Kazoom

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