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Oct 8, 2015 10:34 AM ET

Happy Paws Hotel for Cats and Dogs: I am looking to build an iconic and affordable boarding kennel for cats and dogs (with daycare!)

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

Happy Paws Hotel for Cats and Dogs

About me…

I am passionate about animals. As the daughter of a Veterinary Surgeon, I spent my childhood among them and developed a deep and sensitive understanding of their needs. I live and breathe them ~ I even paint them (see below), and my aspiration is to establish an iconic yet affordable kennel and cattery to service this fast-growing region, and to provide much-needed quality daycare for dogs. This is not just a job to me…this is an entire way of life.

My plan…

I have so many exciting plans for this new business…

  • Under-floor heating in all the sleeping areas and overhead fans in individual pens, not only to provide more personal comfort for each furry guest, but to minimise cross-infection through air-conditioning units.  

  • A fun-style playgrounds for both dogs and cats (outside for the dogs; inside for the cats). The out-of-doors playgrounds will be divided into four separate areas: large boarding dogs, smaller boarding dogs, daycare dogs and a safe, enclosed area for all local dogs to be brought to play freely under their owners’ supervision. Each area will include straw bales stacks for climbing and peeing (yes, dogs LOVE to pee!), a mound for climbing with a slide down one side and a tunnel through the base; an in-ground trampoline; an in-ground paddling pool; an in-ground sandpit for digging, and a large variety of anchored toys for pulling and chewing, as well as a selection of balls and other durable toys. There will also be plenty of room just to run, run and run…
  • The indoor play area for the cats will house a variety of platforms, scratching posts, tree branches, sleeping shelves and hidey-holes, as well as a good assortment of hanging and scattered ground toys. 
  • The owners of each guest will have a full say in whether they want their furry loved one to play with the other guests or to have a quiet exploration of the play area on their own.

Other exciting plans…

I will also install a top-of-the-range self-serve dog wash machine that will be available for use to every local resident, regardless of whether their pet is staying. It is cheap to use and so easy to operate.

I want to create a unique dog transport trailer for a weekday pick-up service in town, that looks like a dog kennel with individual pens along each side. Each pen will have two flaps to enable big or small dogs to safely put their head out to enjoy the trip ~ imagine the fine and happy sight they will make going up the high street! 

Once we are up and running, i’d also like to implement a program for troubled youth as well as disabled children and adults, whereby they are brought to play with the animals (under proper supervision). This would be of immense benefit to both humans and animals. Naturally, only appropriately socialised animals would be available to the program, and would need their owners’ full support.

Why I need you...

So, my dear people…to enable this dream to come true, I need your help. I only have a certain amount of funds, and cannot access a loan from the Bank until I can get a greater amount of cash together as security.

The Margaret River region is rapidly expanding, and a service such as mine is badly needed to meet the growing needs of visiting tourists as well as local animal owners.  I dearly want to meet that need.


How will I use the contributions?

As you can see, I am in need of not only the cost of building my facility, but in fitting it out and providing secure and appropriate fencing to all the play areas.

Initially, my goal is to raise $30,000 to kick start my new business brand and mobile services. The second stage, for the entire plan, is a total cost of $450,000.  Yikes !!

Whatever help I receive, I will immediately put it toward the purchase of equipment or whatever elements of the building costs it might cover. I will keep a log of donations/offset costs and post them regularly., as well as giving out rewards to my wonderful financial supporters.  Thanks a million to each and every one of you !

How else can supporters help?

I would encourage you all to talk to your friends, family and work mates about my dreams and goals, and to urge them to jump on board and either spread the word about Ready Fund Go (and even Happy Paws Hotel) or to donate whatever they feel is appropriate.  

Thank you so much, Australia (and to others around the world who send their help).  Bless you all ! xxx


There Will Be Challenges

Dealing with Challenges…

Whilst I am ambitious, I am also blessed with a healthy dose of caution. I would never dream of not having cash in reserve to fall back on if there is some unforeseen emergency, or if the budget becomes tight, for example.

I would have funds set aside to employ casual staff  in the case of my becoming ill, or to help with a sudden influx of animals. I also have plenty of local friends who would be available to help out if I needed them.

I am keen to promote the creativity of local artisans, and hope to sell their animal-themed craft works to boost the coffers, as opposed to stocking the usual pet products such as collars and leads.

I have already done my homework on the appropriate insurances that my type of business would need, and will ensure that each policy is kept up to date and reviewed at regular intervals for a better deal.



Contact Information:

Louise Gillian Evans

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