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Oct 8, 2015 3:38 PM ET

Archived: Family Calendar/Planner & Coloring Book: Build a Strong Character in Muslim Children from an early age through planning and coloring translated in Bosnian, English & German

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

Family Calendar/Planner & Coloring Book

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) – Our inspiration

Allah SWT granted our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) the best character of all people and thus made him a role model to all the human kind.

Inspired by the Hadith “The best of people are those with the most excellent character”,  the Albabi team in Bosnia and Herzegovina is working hard to bring the character of our Prophet (pbuh) to the home of families all around the world in a creative and educational way. Through this project, hope to promote good behaviour in Muslim children from an early age, so that they develop a strong character and identity.

The Albabi team, with support of several scholars from the Faculty of Islamic sciences in Bosnia have carefully selected 12 hadiths and verses from the Quran which will promote some essential Islamic values and behaviours towards Allah SWT, ourselves, people around us and the environment we live in.

Through high quality illustrations with our characters: Esma, Ahmed, Tarik and Amina, we will promote values such as making dua to Allah SWT, reading the Quran, praying, piety, generosity, respecting parents and the elderly, sharing, kindness, exchanging gifts, feeding animals, cleanliness, tidiness, positive attitude, smiling, kind speech,  reading and much more.

We will offer the products as free printable on our website in three languages (Bosnian, German and English), so that all Muslim families can print and use them, InshaAllah.

Family wall planner/calendar for the year 2016 promoting good behaviour

The aim of this calendar is to encourage children to learn to plan their time and activities from an early age. It can also serve for the whole family to plan family activities: meals, shopping, travel, etc. Parents can also use it as behaviour charts to motivate children to start implementing some of the good behaviour or  habits.

Coloring book promoting good behaviour

As they say “a picture is worth a 1000 words”, children can mostly relate and engage with them by making up stories; through coloring we want the images to stay imprinted in their heads for a long time.

Where do the funds go?

Albabi is a nonprofit organisation and is a team of enthusiastic parents which until now funded this project from their own savings and support from friends. Now in order to complete this project in the best way we need your help.

The funds collected from this campaign will be used for paying the costs of illustrations and design of the products and this campaign, translation and adaptation to the three languages, website promotion, printing and postage for the rewards and as well as processing fees for LaunchGood. The people involved in planning and development of this idea do not get paid for their work.

Exceeding our goal will allow us to promote this campaign to people in Bosnia and Herzegovina who do not have internet access and are mostly reachable through hardcopy printed materials.

What if you can’t contribute?

You can still help us by:

  • Making sincere dua for the Albabi team and the project.
  • Spreading the word about this campaign to your family, friends, and colleagues and encouraging them to support.
  • Sharing on your social media networks.


Finally, on behalf of the Albabi team, we truly thank you for reading this page and supporting us and/or sharing this campaign with your family and friends.

We sincerely hope that our cause has inspired you as much as it has us.

Our story

As Muslim parents who are trying to raise our children with Islamic values in Bosnia, with a strong desire to help ourselves and others, we have decided to start the Albabi project, taken from the Arabic world “ulul-albab” (those who reflect). Our mission is to promote and raise awareness on early childhood development and building healthy family relationships based on Islamic values. We want to instill a strong Muslim identity in our children at a very young age through the love of Allah swt and Prophet Muhammed saws.

We have already produced Islamic educational materials of our own in the Bosnian language such as a poster of the Arabic alphabet, daily dua stickers, dhikr magnets, puzzles, a qibla pointer and stickers to help children learn all these at an early age and in a fun way. Along with our partners, we have managed to distribute 2.000 educational Eid packages for children around Bosnia and 6.500 Ramadan planners, elhamdulillah. In addition to that, we have organized trainings on parenting and several Eid parties for children under the age of 7.

More information on our Facebook page: facebook.com/AlbabiBiH

E-mail: albabi.bih@gmail.com

Our website is still under construction, but once the designs are completed you will be able to download them from this site, inshaAllah: www.albabi.com

Contact Information:

Merima Bejtagić-Makić

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