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Oct 8, 2015 4:09 PM ET

Archived: Delicioso Creperie: Crepes Made with a Latin Flair!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015
Personal Story

I was born in Mexico city, but when I was 1 year older my family moved to little town on the Gulf Coast of Mexico named Tempoal Veracruz, where my journey with food began.”

I remember el Lechero bringing in raw milk every other morning-The ladies that worked at my house would put it in the stove to boil for hours, and then skim something from top to put aside, something called nata. My mom would take the nata in the afternoon and transform the cream into a delicious bread pudding that even today I’ve never taste equaled. It was my first food love. Every Sunday after church, my parents, friends and family went to the same restaurant. Every time the chef would prepare something different and delicious just for us using traditional recipes from the town.

When I was eleven years old we moved back to Mexico city and my parents began to travel more often to Europe on business. Since my father is an international food lover like me, our dinner started to be very international. He would come hoe with new recipes – Perceves (Goose Barnacle), Ceviche de Salmon, pate or albondigas- every day something new and delicious. I ate my first crepe at age 12 in a lovely restaurant called “Cluny” that immediately became my favorite restaurant in all of Mexico. When I got the opportunity to visit Paris 6 years later and I discovered crepes on every corner, I became crepe crazed and knew crepes would be in my future.

After finishing my studies in Cosmetology, I worked with my sister for ten years in our own cosmetology business, but ever since the days of my mom’s bread pudding and handmade tortillas in Veracruz, food was always been in my heart. I decided that it was time to pursue my dream of becoming a part of the food industry.

So I came here to California 15 years ago chasing my dream and throwing every ounce of the talent I was born with into my work. I started out working in restaurants after moving to California, but when I finally found La Cocina my real dream started to become a reality. As my teacher and guide, La Cocina has supported me in establishing Delicioso Creperie, a business centered on my favorite food, crepes that also incorporates my colorful history of cross-cultural cuisine.

Business Description

Crepes Made with a Latin Flair!
Delicioso Creperie offers something more unique and exiting than the traditional french crepes. Although crepes are of French origin, they have been adopted by other cultures-such as my native Mexico- as the perfect vehicle for combining flavors and cultural traditions. In my business I turn my passion for all things food into amazing flavor packed crepes focused on Mexico but with a touch of other cushiness that have inspired me throughout my life.

Currently we run as catering and event business out of La Cocina, but this loan will help me launch my dream – a coffee shop serving up all sorts of crepes. I’ve always loved the cafe format that is causal and inviting and am so excited to grow my business with this opportunity to launch in the Hamm Building in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

What is the purpose of this loan?

It will help me grow my business by giving me the cash flow necessary to into a new production/retail space. The main ways I will spend these funds are to purchase the small wares I need to round out the equipment of the cafe, marketing materials, and my POS system.

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