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Oct 8, 2015 11:31 AM ET

Archived: Cyclone & Rein… Drink Concept and Innovation: Lights, Action, Serve! Most fun drink mix, & advanced magnetic, mixing, dispensing, storage concept

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015

Cyclone & Rein… Drink Concept and Innovation

The last drink horizon yet explored is how your drink looks. 

The Cyclone Rein Maker delivers the most powerful beverage presentation ever.  Super-bright LED’s, and swirling cyclone action.  A Cyclone delivers a powerful storm… a captivating party, celebration and entertaining presentation. 

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Cyclone Rein Maker {US Patent Pending}

The last horizon yet explored is HOW YOUR BEVERAGE LOOKS. The Cyclone stands prominently and hansomely on your bar, or counter, and its super bright LED’s are a lightning bolt for attention.  Open the spigot, pour over ice, serve amazing results.

The Cyclone  Rein Maker is the most advanced magnetically driven beverage mixing, dispensing, and storage device.  It delivers the most powerful beverage presentation ever.  Small foot print at just 6″, super-bright LED’s – over 18 watts of illuminating light, and the captivating presentation = Big impact!  The Cyclone is simple to use, refill and clean.

The Cyclone Rein Maker stands prominently and handsomely on your commercial bar or counter for home entertaining. Add water to the Cyclone, Add Rein, Open the spigot and pour over ice = amaze your audience. 

Rein Drink Mixes

Rein is a dry drink mix.  Simply add the powder (Rein Mix) to water.  Add spirit if you like… awe your audience, then serve.  

Rein is a quick dispersing beverage mix (dry powdered confectionary) that are easy to use.  Proportioned packets are mixed in the Cyclone Shaker or added to theCyclone Rein Maker with cool water.  Beginning to expert mixologists will enjoy the user friendly packaging, easy mixing, fast service, great flavors and most of all… the awe inspiring visual impact.

Delicious flavors: Blackberry, Limeade, Mango, Pineapple Coconut, and Strawberry

Cyclone Rein Maker & Rein Drink Mix Specifications:

  • Cyclone Rein Maker Capacity: 7 liters (250oz, concentrated… pour or shake over ice)
  • Packaged: 1 Cyclone Rein Maker (Magnetic Stir Blade, Motor, Spigot, Top Lid, LED Lights, Power Supply 12v 2a – Requires 120v ac outlet.
  • 18 watts of superbright leds (adjustable)
  • 6.5″ footprint x  21″ tall (Cyclone vessel is 18″, motor base 3″)
  • Neodymium rare earth N42 magnets (>32 lbs of force)
  • High torque x 5200 rpm capacity
  • FDA Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and PET, High Impact ABS construction
  • Rein Dink Mix Packaging:

    o 500g sealed bags (1 pack makes 1 Cyclone7 Vessel)

    o 40g sealed packets (1 pack per Cyclone shaker)

    · Optional Recipe Cyclone7 Rein Maker (7 liter): 4 liters water, 1 bag Rein (500g), 2 liters spirit (80 proof)

    · Optional Recipe Rein Packet: 350 ml water, 1 packet Rein (40g), 90ml spirit (80 proof)



The Drinkware Rim Tower {US Patent # 7,882,796}

is a vertically stacked, five (5) drawer drinkware rimmer with uniquely contouredCompostable & Disposable Spice Cartridges {see US Patent #7,942,283} to economize space, maximize server efficiency and deliver awe inspired presentations.  Dedicated entertaining enthusiasts to professionals will appreciate the ergonomic designs of the removable sponge tray, positive lock and ejection drawers, and high-impact construction.


Drinkware Rim Spice Dispensers {US Patent #7,942,283}

are uniquely professional grade and deliver the tools professionals use to transform ordinary beverages into an art.  Dispensers contain a nested Rim Dish & Wetting Sponge to moisten the drinware rim and adhere RoxiSpice to the drinkware rim for incredible drink presentations.  A screw top lid secures the Dispenser and Spice for convenient storage.  The Dispenser makes apply a Spice to drinkware rims intuitive for the home bar and convenient for the professional.


Rim Syrup, Secrets to Perfect Presentations

An exclusive complement to the RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim Systems is Rim Syrup specially formulated to bind RoxiSpice to plastic and glass drinkware for a “perfect” rim.  Its wetting and adhesive properties allow for faster and more consistent rims, neutral flavor to use any Spice flavor, will resist dripping down drinkware, and protect Spice from clumping.  Other “moisteners” such as lime juice, lemon wedge, or simple syrup will drip down the glass, damage/clump the Spice, and impair the flavor of your drink’s rim.

Cyclone Dimensions & Specs

How it works:

Magnets really, but here are the details: Fill the Cyclone with water (4 liters).  Place the Magnetic Blade into the Vessel.  The Smart Contour of the Vessel Bottom centers the Blade.  Position the Vessel onto the Magnetic Motor.  Magnetic Activation lights up the motor (literally, the LED lights come on) and the motor’s Magnetic Coupling begins to turn the Blade.  About 20 seconds later you’ll see the Cyclone Vortex inside the Vessel (this is really cool).  Then you know the Cyclone is ready for Rein.  Slowly add Rein to the Vessel Vortex.  About 20 seconds later, you’ve got an amazing drink, inspired guests… so start serving & party on!!  


Contact Information:

Marc Radow
Michael Bridges

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