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Oct 7, 2015 9:04 AM ET

Archived: Shop n Social: A revolutionary way to shop from a tablet or smartphone with your friends, whenever and wherever you are

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2015

Shop n Social

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We believe that online shopping can be fun and that giving customers complete freedom on where they can shop is good business.

Shop n Social is a free, cross platform shopping app which will allow users to browse, share and chat online; anywhere, anytime with anyone.


Our app will bring the human element back into online shopping, building on the browser experience by providing a simple interface through which a user can talk, chat, and share what they browse with friends.

Shop n Social is being designed to work across all websites and as the features are provided through an overlay, consumers still transact directly with the online retailer. This means Shop n Social does not store details such as usernames, passwords, credit / debit card details or stock.



Consumer Impact

1. Make online shopping fun and mobile shopping more convenient – Shop with friends all from one app.

2. Make immediate purchasing decisions confidently – Ask for opinions from those you trust before you buy.

3. Get shopping help when you need it – Use the public forums or get help from the personal shopping community to help find the products / services you want.


Retail Impact

1. Improved customer insight – from accessing trend data about what your customers really think of products / services, to what users are really interested in, in real time.

2. Improved sales – Research by bevyup.com shows that revenue per visit can increase by more than 200% when consumers are able to socially interact in real time with their friends.

3. Dedicated retail support – Our app will help show case and promote retailers for product launches


Demonstration of open communications

At Shop n Social, we believe in an open platform – this means we don’t restrict the browsing behaviours of our users, allowing users to browse whatever content from whatever provider they wish.
By promoting this unrestrictive behaviour, we allow 2 things

1. Give our users the maximum freedom to use our app as they please, removing any barriers restricting their browsing habits which are often imposed due to affiliate interest

2. A wider analysis of users browsing and purchasing experience. This information would be valuable for
a. Shop n Social to help consult with key brands and inform them of the latest trends
b. Retailers to see what approach works and which fails


This openness is key to our competitive strategy.


1. Completed the detailed design for the tablet application
2. Identified candidates for key roles
3. Validated affiliate revenue model for UK, USA and India
4. Proven key technical concepts including overlay bar; browser interaction; integration with social media; group messaging and confirmed the development approach.
5. Performed initial market research in conjunction with Lancaster University MBA team.
6. Facebook (http://facebook.com/shopnsocial) and Website (www.shopnsocial.com) are now active
7. Have a high level marketing strategy in place and are working with Social Metric & Livelink media to develop social media strategy and identify PR agency.
8. Trademarks for Shop n Social Logo and for “Shop n Social” and “ShopnSocial” now in place.
9. Definition of a 24 month product roadmap.

Download a working prototype of Shop n Social’s registration and browsing pages for common Android Tablets:



We plan to use the funds approximately as follows:

12% Management and Operations
44% IT Delivery
14% Marketing & PR
9% 3rd Party Software Licenses and Hosting
11% Accommodation, Recruitment, Travel, Legal, Taxes
10% Held in contingency

This is based on anticipated spend over 2 years which includes proceeds + revenue generated.

Contact Information:

Ajit Gupta
Chee Lau

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