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Oct 7, 2015 5:02 PM ET

FRW SPCA Flooding Repair Fund

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2015

FRW SPCA Flooding Repair Fund


10/05/2015-UPDATE…The shelter’s complete computer backup system is most likely ruined at a cost of around  not to mention the 2 computers in the intake offices.  

Our floors are are being tested for asbestos before the they be removed and replaced.   There is concerned for the health of our employees should the flooring contain asbestos and start to pull up.

Our phone and Internet lines were in bad shape to start with and to date we are still without phone lines and Internet.  We have no idea when those will be up and running due to the water still standing on our property.  Our drainage ditches are still over 2 feet deep on both sides of our driveway.

We we are still waiting to hear about our 3 heating and air conditioning units as all 3 were submerged in water. As was the return vent in our intake office.  That unit still has standing water in it but we cannot reach the water with our wet vac.  

With thy the amount of work we will need to do to the front office, ie taking out the floors, taking out the front counter, and placing damaged sheet rock, we are asking for your help in fixing other major items we have needing to fix but did not have the funds.  With the continued help of the community, the Board of Directors and the staff is once again asking the public to fix problem issues rather applying a bandaid to them.  

We are a non profit and our funds are always stretched thin.  The goal we have set is our ultimate goal but any and all funds we receive is a blessing.  We will be continuing to post pictures of the damage our shelter has received.

Thank you for your support.

UPDATE:  As of this morning, 10/4/2015, the damage to our shelter has been increased. 

Here is an update on the damages our shelter has suffered in the last 24 hours:

The Main Office had over 2 inches of standing water this morning.  Our floor needs to be replaced.  We will be determining how much more in our needs to be actually replaced or what can be salvaged.

The floors throughout the rest of the building is covered in mud, muck and dead worms. 

The skeleton staff we have there today have moved the cats in the Cat Room out of there into the Cat Isolation Room to put them in a cleaner environment. 

We are concerned about our heating and air conditioning units are they were in water as well.

We will be posting more pictures as the staff can get there to upload pictures.

During the tremendous rain event the Tricounty suffered today, 10/03/2015, the Frances R. Willis SPCA suffered severe flooding of both the Intake dog kennels as well as the Adoption dog kennels.  

As the rain started, the long side of the Adoption kennels started to see water.  The small dogs and puppies were placed into empty cat kennels trying to get them indoors.  The staff started to find foster homes for the larger dogs as well as set up crates for them in a different building on the property.  

As that problem was trying to be solved, the inside drains on the intake side of the shelter began backing up.  The solution the staff believed they had for the adoption side was not going to work.  

The play yards and the storm drains on the along the side of the driveway quickly become full during a normal thunderstorm and the rain received quickly overran the shelter.  A mass plea was made to the public to remove the adoption dogs into foster homes, which was meant with an outpouring of support!!  The shelter received more messages than could be answered before all the animals were placed.  

The shelter is now facing financial burdens on budget strectched thin as it is.  The shelter relies on donations made from the public and a small amount from Dorchester County for the stray holds.  We were be extremely grateful for your support in this emergency from Mother Nature!

Contact Information:

Tammi Murphy King

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