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Oct 7, 2015 1:37 PM ET

Archived: equiMedPak: The New Forward-thinking Equine First Aid Backpack by Equine Wellbeing Management

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2015


The story behind the equiMedpak

Having been around horses all my life I know the stress injured horses can cause their owners. Dealing with an injury quickly and efficiently can make all the difference, especially with a serious bleed.

Through research of equine first aid kits on the market we believe there is  nothing that properly meets the modern horse owner’s needs. This provided the inspiration for the equiMedPak.

The equiMedpak has been specifically designed with the equestrian owner in mind; Simplicity, accessibility, practicality and cleanliness when dealing with an emergency.

The equiMedPak design

The team have worked over for over a year on a succession of designs and prototypes for the pack. These started with the simple drawings below, to several working prototypes, refining and improving at every stage.

Original drawings
Original drawings


3D Designs “equiMedpak” Stages of development

Every owner’s nightmare is the dreadful fear of suddenly finding their horse sick or injured either in a field, stable, in transit or even while out at a show and consequently having to take urgent action until the vet arrives. I am sure all equestrian owners can identify with exactly what I am talking about and know in the extreme emergencies time is of the essence which is why this specially designed backpack is fully kitted with all the emergency items, ensuring owners have everything they require. The design of the bag in itself gives users reassurance. Strong, durable and waterproof it safeguards the contents in the bag from the elements. Being a backpack it allows the user to carry the bag safely and with ease allowing hands to remain free, a real advantage if you’re on your own and having to lead a horse to safety.

The front pouch unzips and folds out revealing an array of strong storage solutions which hold our first aid items firmly in place, giving the user a clear view of the items on display with easy access to take them out and put back faster in the event of an emergency. This also ensures the items never get damaged or lost.

The middle section of the bag holds more veterinary items and allows the user to add items of their own choice.



Latest Prototype:

Storage holders for all the important veterinary items

The equiMedPak veterinary Kit consists of:

Vet Wrap x 2

SoffBan x 2

Petroleum Jelly Tube x 1

Intrasite Gel x 1

Saline solution pods x 3

Poultice x 1

Melolin dry dressing x 1

Roll of cotton wool x 1

Roll of Gamgee x 1

Roll of Duct Tape x 1

500ml Iodine

500ml antibacterial solution


Digital Thermometer

1 pair of Latex gloves

Hoof Pick


Collapsible bowl

Head Torch

Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Rider First Aid

Antiseptic wipes

Hand sanitizer

A selection of plasters

Gauze bandage

Special features built into the design:

Grommet allowing access to the portable mobile phone charger. The user can either charge their mobile phone in the relative safety of the pouch, or thread through the USB lead to allow the phone to be charged while talking hands free to the vet

High visibility florescent strips which are located on the front of the bag and straps.


Strong handle positioned on top of the bag


Hang in the Tack Room


Hang inside the Horsebox


On the outer sides of the backpack are located two bottle holders designed to prevent spilling the contents on the floor due to uneven ground or the horse knocking it over!


Metal zips to allow the user to use a padlock if required to keep the contents secured


Easy access to all your emergency items


Hands free allowing the owner to walk the horse back to the yard safely.


Easy, comfortable fit while riding allowing trail riders to take emergency veterinary items with them while on long distance rides!


Let’s make it happen!

Supporters like you play such a vital role getting us to where we need to be. The equiMedPak is a small product, but with your help we can make a big impact on the world of equine wellbeing; it is the perfect modern solution to how we have traditionally used our first aid kits. Of course, making and delivering the product the right way requires resources. Your help with this campaign will allow us to manufacture in sufficient volumes to keep prices low and quality high. As we gear up to start production we want to make sure that the product we deliver isn’t just 100% perfect, but 110% great! Come and join us for this next exciting step at turning the idea, design and prototypes into reality!

Risks and challenges

Every effort is being made to cover eventualities, from production through to delivery to you. As a business we always endeavour to supply on time, but if any factors outside our control such as manufacturing or shipping delays occur, we will ensure all those who pledged will be notified. Our aim is not only to produce a unique product but also to give our backers the care and attention they deserve.

Contact Information:

Mandy Hall
Adrian Wright

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