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Oct 7, 2015 8:03 AM ET

Archived: Current Labs – Tools for managing aquatic ecosystems

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2015

Current Labs logo

Current Labs

Tools for managing aquatic ecosystems

Aquatic ecosystems, from the beautiful aquariums that delight us to the aquaponic farms that will increasingly feed us, are fragile and difficult to manage. Our first product, FishBit, is focussed on solving this problem through automation and data monitoring.

More specifically FishBit measures the pH, salinity, and temperature of water and then uses this data to automate the moving parts around an aquarium. This allows people to get in the hobby who previously could not do so and helps those already in the hobby become better aquarists with healthier tanks.

Our latest milestone was shipping units to beta customers after launching on Kickstarter with a… · More


  • Nathan Levine

    Founder at Current Labs, Maker of FishBit

  • Brac Webb

    Founder at Current Labs, Maker of FishBit



  • Highway1

    Accelerator for hardware start-ups



  • Nathan Levine

    Founder at Current Labs, Maker of FishBit

  • Harris Levine

    Design Researcher. Former Business Designer at IDEO, currently leading the implementation of hi-tech services for low income utility customers of a $6B utility.

  • Garrett Winther

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  • Chris Tolles
    The guys at Current Labs are solving the next generation of problems around feeding the planet – managing the kind of aquatic ecosystems we will need to build to feed everyone
  • Zach Supalla
    Constantly impressed with Nate and his team; I think they are taking a strong “lean start-up” approach, moving fast and learning quickly, and I expect it will bring them a great deal of success.


Contact Information:

Nathan Levine
Brac Webb

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