ONELID - fits all: This universal lid has an integrated strainer, reduces boiling over, and stays cool to the touch. Easier, safer and more enjoyable. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 6, 2015 2:24 PM ET

ONELID – fits all: This universal lid has an integrated strainer, reduces boiling over, and stays cool to the touch. Easier, safer and more enjoyable.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015


The world’s first truly universal multifunction lid that actually looks good and works like a dream. Once you try this – we promise you’ll never want to go back to using your old lids. Well maybe for drumming that is…

ONELID was originally spawned by the ambition to make a lid that would minimize the risk of over boiling – but along the way we learned there were so many more annoying things related to the regular lids we use, like finding a lid that fits, burning hands and difficulties draining.


The only lid that is :

Universal – will fit most of your pots (up to 22 cm/8.75″ diameter).

Reduces over boiling –  intelligent groove system will let out just the right amount of excess steam.

Has an integrated strainer – draining a pot has never been easier or safer, just grab your pot or pan and pour.

Does not transfer heat – even when boiling for extended amount of time the ONELID handle stays cool to the touch.  

Makes no sound – soft on the outside – yet sturdy on the inside makes for safe handling and silent operation.

Danish Design at its best – we are pretty proud to have fit all these features into a design this modern, sophisticated and elegant.

Is dishwasher safe – naturally…

So, if you are like us, and would like to get your hands on one of the first ONELIDS, please sign up – and we will do our utmost to make your cooking experience easier, safer and more enjoyable for years to come. For a little more in-depth knowledge – please read on…  


SIZE – having trouble finding a lid to fit?

Not to mention the cacophony of noisy metal striking metal when desperately trying to find the right lid inside your kitchen cabinet? ONELID offers 4 ingenious features combined with great modern design in one elegant lid that will fit all your existing pots (up to 22 cm/8.75″).

Ever experienced boiling over?

Depending on what you’re cooking, every pot will tend to over boil if you turn the heat up too high. The bigger the pot – the more steam is let out. ONELID greatly reduces this tendency by letting out just the right amount of excess steam. The intelligently designed grooves on the underside of ONELID are shaped to match the size of your pot and release just the right amount of steam to prevent over-boiling. Simple :) 

And you know the moisture that drips from your current lids onto the stovetop? ONELIDs patented convex underside ensures the drops that form will run back into your pot, so your stovetop stays cleaner.

Draining  – no more burned fingers or spilled pasta in your sink

Tired of burning your fingers on metal/glass lids during cooking or while pouring? Ever tried sliding your conventional lid a little to the side allowing that boiling water to drain, but ended up soaking your pot holders and getting peas and pasta into the sink? Yeah – who hasn’t!

Well no more. Because of the unique air-vents doubling as strainer (draining) holes, you now have trouble-free draining. ONELIDs silicone surface ensures great friction against the pot so your ONELID will stay centered and safe – even when held vertically. Your peas and pasta will remain in the pot where they belong.

Perfect for casseroles too. The ONELID handle have taken many forms to reach this final design. ONELID now boasts superior ergonomics – both for 1 and 2-handle pots. And with a diameter of 23 cm/9″ ONELID will cover all you pots up to 3,5 liters. (covering 90-95 % of all private cooking). 

Just check your old pot diameters before signing up.

Heat distribution – cool to the touch

This FLIR-photo comparison shows how much better the heat distribution of ONELID works compared to a steel lid (and btw. glass lids are the same). Other than the hotter steam areas (away from the handles) the ONELID handle has the same temperature as the room and is barely affected by the boiling process within. No matter where you grip ONELID, your fingers are safe from burning. The better insulation will also save you power !

Early tests on temperature…

 miniatura de video del proyecto


 miniatura de video del proyecto


The initial idea behind ONELID was spawned by professional chef, and ONELID co-creator, Sylvester Vantore. He observed how chefs would use tin foil as a substitute for the right size pot lid. This simple technique furthermore had the adjustability to let out just the right amount of excess steam in order to reduce over-boiling. Although functional, it’s not very practical nor pretty. Understanding that there must be a better way, Sylvester eventually came up with the idea of an oversized lid (to fit varying pot sizes) designed with under-lid grooves to allow excess steam to escape.

Sylvester brought this discovery to the attention of prominent Danish designer, Martin Sonne. Martin eagerly took up the challenge to make the ‘perfect lid’. From that point on, the lid began to evolve, but it would be years before the form and function were perfected.


We knew we had to let out just enough steam to minimize the risk of over boiling without wasting energy so we added some more grooves and came up with the ‘swing’ to the channels so the vent holes ‘adjusts’ to the diameter of the pot. Small pot, small holes – larger pot, larger holes. It was only during early tests that we discovered that the vent holes provided the perfect effect for straining. And again – the bigger the pot the faster the water is let out so it was a win-win.  

We also came up with the now patented convex underside in order for the lid to fit multiple pot sizes. This had added benefits too: The lid will ‘automatically’ center on any pot and stay securely in place – and it takes very little effort to hold while pouring because it more or less ‘hangs’ from the friction created by the silicone. The condensed steam forming on the underside of the lid will flow back into the pot and not onto your stove top.

Even though it didn’t exactly made things easier, requiring the silicone surface was a big priority. The benefits are many: 260 °C (500 °F) heat resistance, non-stick easy clean-up, non-toxic, and very resistant to microbiological growth. Add to that, ONELID makes a fashion statement in any kitchen. It not only looks and feels great, ONELID provides exceptional ergonomics, because the friction created when the lid is on the pot is far superior to metal. You’ll immediately feel the difference when you handle the pot – the lid just stays more securely in place.


Along the way we have tested several designs. Below is an array of the various designs and prototypes ranging from the first 360 degree design through to a more solid design – unfortunately proving impossible to make but leading the way to the beautiful final design we have today.


Finally we have the details right – It did take us years of work and a skilled manufacturer. A true professional and we even needed to go to the other side of the world to find him. Kenny is his first name, KONG his surname. We call him “King Kong” as he helped us nail the final procedure. So we worked out a 4 part procedure to make a lid with 4 functions – makes sense :) 

Step 1 : Mold inner core in nylon with Stainless insert
Step 2 : Full silicone overmold
Step 3 : Mold lower handle in ABS
Step 4 : Mold upper handle in ABS

Mount and UV weld, pack and ship to you guys in the sturdy packaging so you too can start enjoying the ONELID life ;)

ONELID holds a patent based on the concave shape and the ingenious groove system on the lower side.
More to this we have applied for a design protection since we find it worth the money to try and  protect the signature design by Martin. There will be copies sooner or later – but we aver none with the qualitiy of our design, material composition and finish.


September         Kickstarter campaign launch
October              Mold start-up
December          Production 1 roll.
January 2016     Production start – start shipping
February  2016  Shipping done 
April 2016          Shipping Glass lids


Martin Sonne – with more than 20 years of designing products and working with visual communication, Martin is still striving for the simplest solutions to the most complex problems. Designing ONELID has been a journey in just that – trying to fit all these unique features into a lid so simple and so clean that one would think it is just another lid. Staying within that comfort zone of what people expect a lid to look like and then add a little evolution on top seemed to be the right approach.

Sylvester Vantore – the man with the 1000 ideas. Sylvester is on a quest to make good things better; To find that little thing that will make a normal item become a unique item. Being a chef and having learned from the best (Rasmus Kofoed – world champion chef 2011) Sylvester knows what makes for good kitchen tools. So it comes as no surprise that he was the man to invent ONELID.

We couldn’t have done this alone though. With great production expertise and patience from Lars Forsberg (from Danish company Fabrikators) we are now ready to move into production. 

Want to know more about Fabrikators go to

And Kenny Kong the man will make sure tooling and production is second to none once we get there. 

So 5 years down the road and we are ready to let you guys take us the rest of the way. We can’t tell you how much we want this to happen. We want to let the world try how cooking can be if you have the right tools. This lid is made like it should have been in the first place – ONELID – is all you need. So please help us get this baby to take its first steps…



ONELID standard edition - comes in pale grey or dark grey
ONELID standard edition – comes in pale grey or dark grey
ONELID Kickstarter limited edition
ONELID Kickstarter limited edition


Same functions – same materials – and still have the grooves…only this time with a glass center so you can tell what’s cooking’..

ONELID glass edition
ONELID glass edition

If we do hit 70k we will do a special Kickstarter version just for you guys. This will show your support and make your ordinary pots look like a million..

ONELID Kickstarter limited glas edition for the early birds
ONELID Kickstarter limited glas edition for the early birds


Maybe you want a lid for yourself – maybe you find it could be a great gift for your avid kitchen cooking sister, mom or good friend.
Therefore we will ensure your lid arrives in a nice box.


 miniatura de video del proyecto


Contact Information:

Sonne & Vantore

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