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Oct 6, 2015 5:56 PM ET

Archived: Julia Rose EP 2015: Romeo

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015

Julia Rose EP 2015: Romeo

The story of the project

TO PLEDGE PLEASE follow this sequence:

1. CLICK on the tiny ‘REWARDS’ ICON (on a phone it’s directly above this sentence under the blue PLEDGE NOW button on the far right of the screen; on a laptop or similar device the rewards are to the right of this section –>)

2. SELECT your choice of ‘REWARD’ from list

3. CLICK ‘CONFIRM PLEDGE’ blue button and follow prompts.


Hello Beautiful People,
We are so excited to announce we are recording our new EP Romeo. We will be touring it across Australia 2015/16 and we’d absolutely LOVE your support. Pledging is simple, choose your reward and click pledge, you will receive an exclusive pre release copy of the new EP and a whole lot of other goodies should you choose to indulge.

Each song in the new EP will take you on a journey. ‘Romeo’ is about finding love and falling head over heels, ‘Smile’ is about driving through Brisbane town on a rainy night thinking about someone who makes me smile. ‘Hell ‘n Back’ is about heart break and the realisation that I had to break free of the toxic relationship despite my feelings for that person. I wrote ‘I remember’ recently and it’s about realising that I’d upset someone and that I’m not perfect, but love and respect is important to me so after admitting to myself I’d been a little harsh, I had to make amends. ‘Come what may’ was written on the road, the ups and downs, when I was moving a lot and doing lots of day dreaming, I was looking forward to going home and enjoying all those comforts including hanging out with my dog, friends and family.

The Dream Team:
Producer Guy ‘King’ Cooper at the audio helm in Serotonin Production Studios
Legendary Felicity Lawless fingering that sweet sweet guitary fretboard
Lou Cottone calling the angels on the violin
Dan Hitzke and Arno Cassidy keeping us in time on the Kit
Bertha Control Choir features also (CC the Cat, Felicity Lawless, Matilda Alexander and myself)
Film clip:
Directed by Damian Lang

As a supporter, you can relax and know that whilst you are pledging, I also pledge as 2014 QLD Pride Performer of the Year to give you high calibre entertainment and sound quality. Your investment will see huge rewards that keep on giving! Wondering what to get your besty / parent / cousin / boss to show you that you appreciate them?….. well we have got your back, jump on board the band wagon, buy any of the listed REWARDS and enjoy the music !!

2015 EP ‘Romeo’

2015 Single ‘Come what May’

2012 EP ‘Stairway to the Moon’
2011 debut EP ‘Julia Rose’

‘Melbourne Town’ Film Clip


How the funds will be used

$2000 Touring Australia all the way to your local town
$3500 for Recording / Mixing / Mastering;
$2000 for Film Clip for Romeo Single;
$1000 for Promo / Press / Advertising;
$1500 for CD Pressing & Merch

Some of my other work


Successes I can foresee is bringing you this new EP and a killer film clip with the highest sound/visual quality from experienced masters of music, sound and visual arts.  Challenges: having enough time to get it all done before we are ready to make the next EP.
Contact Information:

Jules Cottonbud
Guy Cooper

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