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Oct 6, 2015 10:18 AM ET

Archived: Furry Tails: A dog daycare and grooming store where our furry friends are treated with the same love and care as they are at home

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015
Personal Story

My name is Belen, I come from an Italian/Spanish family but I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina has a high population of stray animals and I saw first hand the terrible conditions these animals suffer their entire life. Being a huge animal lover, I started volunteering at a young age at different animal shelters. Once I became a lawyer and specialized in environmental law I continued volunteering but also giving them some pro bono advice in any subject these shelters needed. During this time my dearest doggie Zoe was diagnosed with an untreatable bone disease and to make her life better I became a self taught expert in how to comfort disabled dogs/cats. I always wanted to work with animals and coming from a family of women entrepreneurs I knew I had to grow that side of me.

I came across the idea of having my own space where I could provide a nurturing and enriching environment not only to pets with loving human friends but also to help those less fortunate furry ones. My hope was to marry both my love of pets as well as my love for all animals, and be able to help both! And there is not better place to start a pet related business than NYC where dogs and cats are treated like I do, part of my family, and where there are many great shelters to help with.

So far my location in the UES is going well since we have being growing with the help of our happy clients and word of mouth, we already helped a few shelters such as Animal Haven, Zani’s Furry Friends and Social Tees. My plans for the future are to open more locations all of them sharing the same culture and deep loving care concept of Furry Tails. Start a shelter for disabled animals in the memory of Zoe that died peacefully this year.

When Zoe was diagnosed, many suggested to end her life immediately. I am glad that I did not because the following two years were beautiful and rewarding for both of us. There are techniques that can be used to make the life of a disabled pet more comfortable. My belief is that each and every life has a purpose and a value and letting nature take its course is a wise decision that enriches the human race as well as the animal.

Business Description

Furry Tails is a dog daycare and grooming store where our furry friends are treated with the same love and care as they are at home. We want our busy clients to have everything their pets need in just one place making it easier and conveniently, from organic healthy food, to playdates, walks and baths. Our staff is highly trained and experienced at working with dogs but most important truly animal lover.

We are also very committed with helping the dogs and cats that are currently at shelters by hosting adoption events.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will use the loan to remodel the basement in order to make it pet friendly, safe and comfortable for the doggies that will be using our boarding services. I would also need to advertise my new service with flyers and online ads. I will need to hire an overnight employee to keep the doggies safe. The rest will be use destine to the filling of the non profit.

Remodeling $5,500
Hiring $2,500
Advertising $1,000
Non Profit $1,000

Contact Information:


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