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Oct 6, 2015 8:50 AM ET

Archived: Funny Breakfast – Make your breakfast extra fun: Get a pumpkin shaped baking mold for $6! Will be shipped till Halloween, your kids will love it!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015

Funny Breakfast – Make your breakfast extra fun

The funniest breakfast on Halloween!

Halloween is coming soon and everything will be about witches, zombies, scary monsters and ghosts! What better way is there to make your children laugh at breakfast than to make them pumpkin shaped pancakes? Funny Breakfast baking molds are super easy and super fun to use! 

And now you can do it for as little as 6 dollars (- 60% discount)! We’ll also make sure that the Freaky Halloween molds will arrive one day before Halloween!


Hurry up, our Special Campaign Launch perk is only available on the first 2 days and for the first 100 contributors and there’s only 150 pieces of the Freaky Halloween perk available!

Thank you for helping us reaching our goal!


Looking for a great wake up on the SUNNY side of life?

 Our mission is to help you solve your breakfast tussles with your kids through fun and attractive utensils. We offer a more rewarding breakfast experience for parents and kids alike and we make it easy for parents to get their children to eat  the most important meal of the day

Fried egg or scrambled egg is one of the most popular and quickest foods to prepare, a favorite of children and adults alike. With the help of a simple tool, anyone can become a real master chef in their own home, much to the delight of their family – children, especially. 

Egg shapers are typically made of silicone. These are molds created to be used in making fun-looking breakfasts, especially in cooking eggs, pancakes, waffle.

  • Food safe. Made out of silicone rubber. 
  • Measures approx. 5.5″”L x 1″W x 5″H.
  • Withstands temperatures of -20°F to 450°F (-30°C to 230­°C).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Instructions included


Where do We Stand 

We’ve come from the idea to making the first three shapes. The mold tools, the first few hundred pieces of the product and the packaging is ready. 

We have also launched our new website:  www.funnybreakfast.com

What’s next?

During the last 8 months, we were working around the clock designing and building the prototypes, during this time we also contacted dozens of manufacturers, got pricing offers and more importantly, production plans. After choosing some of them each manufacturer was examined carefully by us, and we started discussing specific details including the molds and tooling costs, specifying materials, manufacturing schedules, assembly and packaging options… Now, we have everything we need to make Funny Breakfast molds a perfected product.  

We have manufacturers that can produce our product. We know that the product can be made cost effectively so that you can get your own quality shape at an affordable price. 

All we need is your support. So please donate today and click the share button. Thank you! 

Risks and challenges

Few shapes are on stock now. 
Small quantities can be shipped immediately after the campaign is closed and funds are received.  if the campaign finishes big, we need more time to produce the shapes for you, so please be patient!


Special thanks to:  Alíz ,  Trisztán, Fanni, Angie, Robin and Réka.  

Contact Information:

Zoltan Mag
Gerzson Réti
Attila Kedei

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