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Oct 6, 2015 4:26 PM ET

Archived: Dame & Sir: Our business is a boutique cosmetic company specializing in custom blended foundation for all skin colors and all skin types. We believe in bringing out the beauty in everyone!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015
Personal Story

The kings and queens of ancient Egypt wore makeup as a sign of regality and power. Somehow throughout history, cosmetics have been reduced to a simple tool of choice for vain, vapid or insecure individuals. San Francisco instilled in this native, that expression and art derive from the same place, inspiration and love. Everyday, I am inspired to teach and create art on the many unique facial canvases of my ever changing city. Everyday I walk among lovers of beauty who like me, are bold enough to wear loud colors and have even louder personalities. But my passion is to reach those who wish they could be bold and artistic and free to express their multi-faceted charisma and style; but are too afraid of being perceived as one dimensional. I want to share with everyone that beauty is not an unattainable made-up concept. With my cosmetics line, I will focus less on which product makes the person, but how my client brings the product to life, helping my clients finally feel comfortable in their own skins. What good is beautiful paint if it sits in it’s containers? With my product and my business I want to inspire women and men alike by shedding a positive light that cosmetics is for everyone and everyone can wear it. It is about how they want to FACE the world. In my Latino culture, women and men unabashedly wear cosmetics to establish themselves in their communities as leaders, professionals, mothers/fathers, and just to feel alive and free. With this loan, I am able to purchase the ingredients to create cosmetics that mirror the quality and integrity of my own skills and knowledge. I want to build a brand that is inclusive to individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds. I firmly believe that true beauty does not carry a high-price tag. Thank you for that opportunity.

Business Description

Dame and Sir is a boutique cosmetic company specializing in custom blended foundation for all skin colors and all skin types. We believe in bringing out the beauty in everyone!

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will be able to purchase all the ingredients necessary to custom blend cosmetics. I am asking for a loan of $2,000

Contact Information:


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