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Oct 6, 2015 11:46 AM ET

Archived: ClotheSyria: Patching hope for refugees, one outfit at a time

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015


An estimated 9 million Syrians have fearfully fled their homes since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011. The situation is grave and only worsening with time. Refugees make dangerous, often deadly, journeys to neighboring countries in hopes of a better life. Many settle in camps when – and if – they arrive. 

According to the U.N., more than half of all Syrian refugees are under the age of 18.Most have been out of school for months, if not years. The youngest are confused and scared by their experiences, lacking the sense of safety and home they need. The older children are forced to grow up too fast, finding work and taking care of their family in desperate circumstances.

“I have nothing”…

 …is the common story among Syrian refugees, many of whom are unable to bring any belongings with them during their treacherous journeys. Instead, they carry nothing but horror stories and possess only the clothes on their backs. Women and young girls are in great, great need of basic items like new clothes, shoes and scarves. Not having clean attire to wear exposes them much more to numerous diseases, which can easily spread to other refugees since everyone is living closely together.  


That’s where YOU come in

Your donation will clothe Syrian refugees living in Jordan. With each outfit you donate, you not only shelter someone’s body and help protect them from illness, you spread much needed hope. Refugees feel abandoned and uncared for by the world. Lets show them the other side of the story. We DO care. We ARE there for them. We WILL provide.

All clothes and shoes are BRAND NEW, high-quality and provided by Nu Look Salon & Boutique. 

We want refugees to feel dignified by what they wear, not degraded by worn out hand-me-downs. Helping Hand, a 501 (c) relief and development organization, will transport and distribute all items to refugees in need. 


Here’s a video of former clothes being donated to refugees:  


We did it before, we CAN do it again

This past Ramadan, because of incredibly generous donors like yourself, we raised over $14,000 to donate over 1,400+ brand new shoes to people in need around the world. This time, we can create an even bigger impact for an even greater cause!

Lets DO THIS!!!

Help your sisters in humanity out. Spread smiles by patching hope, one outfit at a time 🙂 

Share this campaign all over your social media accounts. Share with family and friends. Personally talk to them, send a text message, shoot an email, whatever it takes to make people not just “like” ClotheSyria but actually support it.  

Remember to use the hashtag #GoodWillPrevail & #ClotheSyria to help this cause get as much awareness as possible!  

A BIG thank you and MUCH love from the family members of Nu Look Salon & Boutique!


Contact Information:

Mahvish Irfan

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