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Oct 5, 2015 10:09 AM ET

Archived: Juice Hero: I plan to bring delicious, micronutrient-rich juices all around San Francisco! My dream is to create a path to pride, economic opportunity, and independence for veterans like myself.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2015
Personal Story

US Naval Veteran, mother of twin boys and two dogs, and a loving partner. My name is Carlina Williams and I am a San Francisco native and aspiring businesswoman. Although I was an honor student every year from elementary through high school, I decided to put off college and join the navy. Coming from a very rough part of town, I wanted to get away, see the world, earn a living and become an adult. I served for five years as a Master at Arms, or Military police at naval bases in the US and Guantanamo.

I got a lot out of my time in the Navy. I was able to save up and help out my friends and family financially. I used the GI bill to go back to school. And I developed tremendous self-discipline, judgment for reading people and situations in often intense circumstances, the ability to stand up for myself, and a love of team work.

When I came home I knew I wanted to start my own business. I had a lot of responsibilities though. I was working, going to school, and raising my boys. But thankfully, I never quit driving towards my goal. My mother always told me “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Business Description

Juice Hero is a juice truck startup. I plan to bring delicious, and micronutrient rich juices to popular destinations all around San Francisco. Once I’m established, my goal is to franchise Juice Hero trucks to veterans. My dream is to create a path to pride, economic opportunity, and independence for veterans like myself.

The inspiration for my product came from my beloved dog Micah. At 14, he became paralyzed and terribly sick. The veterinarians gave up on him. But I didn’t. I learned everything I could about natural remedies and gave him a dropperful of herbs 3 times a day. One day, after four months of treatments, Micah suddenly began chasing his tail all around our apartment. That’s when I saw the real power of micronutrients. I bought a juicer, stocked up on fruits and vegetables and discovered a delicious path to better health for my family. I’ve been supplying my juices to friends and family and have begun selling out of Mama Art Café in the Excelsior district. People love my juices and now I’m ready to take my product on the road, literally.

I’ve worked very hard to identify my costs, research the market, and develop a business plan for Juice Hero. It’s been so exciting and I’ve had help along the way from great mentors like OneVet OneVoice, a nonprofit that helps vets with issues like entrepreneurship and education. I believe in turn my work will help other vets like me who have spent years serving their country and are ready to be their own boss. Now what I need is startup capital to turn my plans into a reality.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will help me grow my business by providing the financial support necessary for me to actively begin building my franchise. Juice Hero will initially be housed at Mama Art Cafe in SF. Once all proper licensing and permits are acquired, Juice Hero will then seek additional financial assistance to purchase a juice truck (typical food truck but for juice only).

Acquiring this loan will give me leverage to begin building a legacy for my children as well as give way to the veterans I will help achieve their dreams by becoming successful entrepreneurs.


• QUICK BOOKS – Desktop $300
• WEBSITE $650.00

• (2)T-SHIRT W/ LOGO $30.00
• JUICER $150.00
• TUPPERWARE $175.00
• KNIVES (2) $100.00
• FRUIT PEELER (2) $24.00
• DISH TOWELS $30.00

*Cost based on working 4 days/week serving 20 customers/ day- One Month Inventory
*160/Month- 12 Oz. Cups of each recipe=320 cups total/month

• APPLES (48- 5 LBS BAGS): $93.44
• CUCUMBERS (18.5 BAGS/3 EA. BAG): $42.24
• GINGER (8-5 LBS BAGS): $47.68
• GRAPES (24 BAGS): $190.88
• LEMONS (8 BAGS): $63.68
• SPINACH (8 BAGS): $28
=1 MONTH =$465.92 – 6 MONTHS=$2,795.00


Contact Information:


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