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Oct 5, 2015 9:45 AM ET

Archived: DogLand: Take part in the future of pet media

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2015


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Dog technology has never been hotter, with lots of growth in on-demand dog boarding and walking, health-tracking, wearable technology, and more. But most of all, dog owners love to add value to internet communities through photos, videos, and useful information.

Pets own the Internet, and dogs are leading the pack. Dog owners crave a single destination to access the best dog-related entertainment and resources. Dog lovers don’t want to visit several niche sites, they want a central hub for dogs. DogLand seeks to fill this role by providing a complete web platform to properly capture a high-growth industry with worldwide revenue that reached $97 billion last year.

DogLand is building the best dog community on the web, a place where users bond over their love of dogs, while sharing great content and tips. We’ve developed powerful technology designed to harness and enhance every dog owner’s creativity to amass a growing database of dog-friendly resources. Our app is the digital confluence of the internet’s dog-loving community.



The first step to a better DogLand is the introduction of video content and integrating robust video creation tools into the platform — the number one feature requested by our users. Once we complete phase one, we’ll move on to phase two: our Android app. By adding both of these, we’re anticipating explosive growth and increased engagement to become the de facto pet-related interactive media channel.

We project at least one million users by the end of 2016.

Our opportunity is your opportunity. By investing in DogLand, you’ll be helping us improve our platform to make it more appealing to both dog owners and companies seeking to make digital acquisitions in the pet market.

Facebook and Yahoo spend billions every year acquiring apps and digital platforms. Additionally, $11.5 billion global pet-products manufacturer Nestlé Purina has started acquiring digital platforms, such as PetFinder, as a means of strengthening its role as a leading online provider of pet-related information.


There are millions of animals in this country, and millions of people who love and take care of them. That’s millions of passionate people who need a place to talk about their non-human family members, share information, and create content.
Even if you have never had a pet, we all know someone who has a furry friend and is very passionate about their companion. When we witness that love and passion and hear those people talk about their non-human family members, it makes us rethink the meaning of the word “family.”
DogLand is your opportunity to be a part of that family. Reserving shares in DogLand is not just the chance at a simple financial investment in BetterPet, Inc. with potential returns, but it is your way of showing that you care about technology that brings us closer together with our pets.
This investment with BetterPet, Inc. is your chance to contribute to the social change that is coming. As we find more ways to unite communities through technology, our platform will become a more important tool for pet lovers everywhere. The same way social media is ubiquitous today in unifying people across borders and time zones, our pet-centric media platform is poised to unite the pet market.
Now’s your chance to express your interest in BetterPet, Inc. Show the team that worked relentlessly your support for their mission, and show the world your support for dogs everywhere. Join us now, let’s grow the DogLand community together! Let’s propagate BetterPet, Inc. to a successful future!
Contact Information:

Jonathan Kolker
Gareth Wilson
Richard Lung

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