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Oct 5, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Archived: DANIELE STALLONE AND HIS LOUD ROLL SHUFFLE – New Album and Video!: Help us with the creation of a new album for our original songs and a video!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2015


Hi, we’re Daniele Stallone and his Loud Roll Shuffle. We started by playing the music that made the history of rock’n’roll, artists such as Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash. We managed to do quite an impressive number of concerts, and we travelled around Europe bringing the spirit of rock’n’roll with us. We also did a concert in Philadelphia, US, it has been an amazing experience, and we won the Rockabilly Rumble contest in Germany.

Why are we asking for your support? We have started composing our songs, we have quite a few right now and we started playing them around. People loved them, so we’re planning to do an album and a promotional video. Half of the songs have been recorded, but we’re lacking the financial means for the next steps. Our album will be about journeys, physical and psychological ones, a sum of all of our diverse influences. We want to get this album done on our own label, to have the freedom to create it exactly the way it was conceived in the first place, and without having to put inside “some fun easy mainstream songs” that labels were imposing to us.

We can’t exist without those who appreciate our music.

This is your chance to supprt us. We’re not asking you this effort without rewarding you, of course! We have created fun rewards for your support, check them out, there is awesome stuff and you can also challenge us in many different ways! If we achieve our minimum goal of 2000 euros, we will be able to create the album so you’ll be holding it in your hands, and also a video to spread our name around.

Any sum above will be put into business promotions, gadgets, van renting and everything a band needs. If we will get much more support than needed, we will donate the overfunding to Mercy for Animals. If we miss our minimum target, you’ll get your money back, but unfortunately also you’ll get nothing.

So, are you ready to rock’n’roll?!?!


Thank you in advance, lots of love,


Daniele Stallone and his Loud Roll Shuffle

Contact Information:

Daniele Stallone and his Loud Roll Shuffle

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