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Oct 3, 2015 4:29 PM ET

Archived: Sydney’s #1 Burrito Delivery!: we can deliver burritos to the people

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2015

Sydney’s #1 Burrito Delivery!

The story of the project

The idea for burrito delivery started with a love for burritos which lead us on a journey across Sydney, every weekend we tasted Sydney’s best, and worst burrito’s. We couldn’t get enough, but we asked “what could possibly make burritos better?” 

What about eating Sydney’s best burrito’s any time of the day or night without leaving the house! The concept of bicycle delivery is an ancient one but when combined with some of the latest technology it all of a sudden become fresh again. From my experience as a bicycle courier I know how fast they can ride. In fact you rarely see them, as they creep in and out of loading bays and lifts, but couriers are the blood of the city.
I knew that if we built a better way to manage orders to match the speed of the couriers we would be able to deliver burrito’s hot and fresh in 15 minutes.
As it should be. 

Why would you deliver anything any other way? Delicious burritos made from locally sourced ingredients, wrapped in our unique delivery canisters, and hand delivered by our friendly bicycle couriers. From the kitchen to the door you can track your order in real time and get updated ETA’s. We are delivering your burrito hot and fresh in 15 minutes. As it should be.

How the funds will be used

We know burritos are pretty cheap, but getting everything set up to deliver them costs a little more. We have invested our savings to get Danny Burrito to where it is today; building the website, an amazing app, custom packaging, branding and last but not least, creating our delicious recipes.

With your support, we can deliver burritos to the people. Your contribution will go towards covering upfront costs which include delivery bicycles, licensing, website development, branding and packaging manufacture, amongst other things. The remaining money will give us the runway we need to launch our business successfully!


We prepare our burritos especially for delivery and because this has never been done before we had to re-think everything from the ground up. We had to figure out a way to keep the burrito’s hot and stop them from going soggy. In turn, we designed unique 100% bio-degradable burrito canisters that keep our food warm and secure during delivery.
Our canisters are custom made, tried and tested to ensure quality. Sourcing a reliable supplier has been difficult. To ensure our burritos are kept intact, we developed insulated and heated burrito delivery boxes that can be mounted directly to the front of our bikes. 

We also want to give people the ability to track their order in real time, and the option to contact the courier if there are any issues. We essentially need an Uber app for burritos, finding something that worked as well was difficult. We now have an app that meets our requirements for on-demand burrito delivery in 15 minutes and we believe we have solved the question of ‘where is my food?’ forever


Contact Information:

James Jordan

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