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Oct 3, 2015 8:42 AM ET

Archived: Protecting Kids from Rockets ‘n’ Bombs

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2015

Protecting Kids from Rockets ‘n’ Bombs

Imagine: It’s a beautiful day. You’re out shopping, strolling with a loved one, perhaps playing outside with your children, at work or at school with friends…

There’s a booming alert. It announces fear. A rocket has been launched in your direction. Panic strikes. You are running, screaming for loved ones,


    swooping to pick up your children,

rabbis running

helping an elderly stranger,

bomb photo 3

diving for shelter .…. you have just 15 seconds to scramble to safety

running women2

Always running.

Israel is at war and for 95 years WIZO has helped her survive, focusing on women and children. We have built schools, day care centres and refuges for Israelis in need of love, support and care. Now, WIZO is building rocket shelters.                                                                           

Help protect Israel’s people from the reign of terror that explodes around them. Help us raise funds for a rocket shelter.

Every dollar counts. All funds go directly to shielding the people.


Thank You.

Contact Information:


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