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Oct 2, 2015 2:13 PM ET

Archived: MixStik, the magic stick to mix perfect cocktails: MixStik is the connected device to help everyone make perfect drinks. Cocktails are now as easy to make as they are delicious to drink.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2015

(For french speakers: Traduction française ici)

Let’s bring cocktails to the crowd!

MixStik is a small, affordable connected device that helps you make awesome cocktails in seconds. Now you can whip up a cocktail almost as easily as you can grab a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine. Good stuff in life shouldn’t always be hard to make, right?

MixStik is for anyone who likes to drink cocktails but finds them too difficult or strenuous to prepare. If you like romantic tête-à-tête, inviting friends over to dinner or organising parties big and small then MixStik is for you !

Make an impression by serving more sophisticated drinks than the usual glass of wine or beer bottle. Alternatively, maybe you already know your way around cocktails (we sure do!). With MixStik, you’ll make them faster and easier than ever before. Jigger is so 20th century.

Mix the perfect cocktail

Let the stick and app guide you, just drop it in a glass or a shaker.

Choose from 100+ recipes inside the app

You can even customize them or create new ones and share them on the app. The final app will be available on iOS and Android platforms. (The iOS beta app is available now on the AppStorehere. For the moment it has just the main features, a few classical recipes and the design is far from final)

Drive up to 5 sticks with one app

Handy to make a round of many drinks at the same time.

Muddle and Stir 

MixStik has small rubber spikes at its bottom tip. It allows for a better grip and also serves as a muddler to squish mint and other soft ingredients. The stick can of course be used to stir the mix.

Calibrate your shaker or glass

Calibration will allow a more precise mixing. Keep your calibrated glass and shaker in memory. Alternatively you can choose from the most common types of glasses before mixing a drink without the need to calibrate.

Super easy pairing

Just place MixStik near the phone on the connect screen, it connects automatically.

Recharge it on any regular usb port

The battery will last all night, we tried many times 🙂 but when it eventually dies out, recharge it easily on a regular usb port from a laptop or a wall adapter.


Food grade silicone body

Waterproof and easy to clean.

Drive the stick from a smart watch

Leave your smartphone in your pocket away from splashes

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Light painting / light Texting  

Enter a text and use the in app camera settings to shoot beautiful light paintings with texts

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Control sound or games with the accelerometer

 miniatura de video del proyecto

we have dozen of other crazy uses with MixStik (mount it on bike wheel, fashion accessory etc…) so let your imagination run!

The SDK will let the imagination of developers go wild and extend the uses of MixStik. We can’t wait to see what the community will make with MixStik.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (smart) connection 
  • Cortex M0+ processor 
  • 24 RGB bright and colorful LEDs 
  • 3 axis accelerometer 
  • Rechargeable Li-ION battery 
  • Food grade silicone body 
  • Usb port for easy charging

Both founders have been cocktails lovers for a long time. But it was always the same story: Charlotte, who had more experience in mixology, was always the one preparing them. At one point, she got fed up and refused to mix. Raphael had no choice but to get to it, and when he realized how annoying it was to find a good recipe and measure the right ingredients, he decided to do something about it. After several unsuccessful attempts and complicated solutions, he had the clean and simple idea of MixStik. It took a lot of development and a failed Kickstarter campaign in 2014, but the simplest solutions are often the hardest to come by.

We need your support to fund the first industrial batch, finance the tooling necessary for molds to cast the silicone, buy all the electronic components and select a contract manufacturer, pass the certifications packaging trip to china to supervise production.

Contact Information:

Magnified Self

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