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Oct 2, 2015 4:45 PM ET

Biodiversity in a Box: to empower everyone who wants to make a difference in their patio, garden, courtyard and even community landscapes

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2015

Biodiversity in a Box

Our Home

Western Australia is an amazing part of the world and home to some of the most significantly evolved and uniquely adaptive plants and animals anywhere.

Through clearing and development over the past few hundred years, this unique biodiversity faces increasing pressure in developed and agricultural land. Retained bushland is becoming more isolated and currently most home gardens are not suitable habitats for our native bees, lizards, frogs and so on.

The Challenge

The challenge is to empower everyone who wants to make a difference in their patio, garden, courtyard and even community landscapes.

We know the information, materials, ideas and plants all exist to meet this challenge. The problem is in sifting through the mountains of research and science, sourcing the right plants and materials, and bringing it all together under an accessible and easy to understand solution.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Drawing on many years of commercial experience, we have created Boxed Green– our “Biodiversity in a Box – for your garden” solution. With the initial, simple theme of Beauty for our first themed box, your garden can become a haven for native birds, bees and frogs. A single box, or an annual subscription of 6 boxes celebrating each of the Aboriginal Seasons during a year, we want to take the worry out of choosing the right plant and information for your location.

The right plants and information means our (stingless) native bees, birds, butterflies, frogs and yes, even our creepy crawlies, will choose your garden as a supportive haven. Boxed Green will bring gardens to life all over Perth, even your smallest patio, with an accessible, convenient and dare we say it ‘sustainable’solution.

As a social enterprise, half of the profits distributed will go back to local plant industry participants who genuinely support biodiversity, particularly our local wildflowers.

Finally, we see Boxed Green making our ‘Biodiversity in a Box’ solutions available for schools to use as a fund-raising and educational tool. Students will learn about their local plants, ecology and Aboriginal culture while they connect nature to their school yards, food gardens and home space.

Every box will form part of a beautiful, connected tapestry of nature across Perth, and Western Australian towns and cities.

Will we change the world?

Absolutely! For those local frogs, butterflies and bees that are losing their world, we can create something special together that will change their world, and ours, for the better.

Western Australia is recognized by the United Nations as having several, globally significant biodiversity hotspots. Boxed Green can empower home gardeners, schools and those of us who care for our birds, bees, butterflies and frogs, by Bringing Nature Home.

You Can Join Us

Together, we can create a beautiful, wildflower and wildlife tapestry which gives everyone an opportunity to participate. To give life to our enterprise we need boxes printed, plants grown, and enough materials and brochures to make our products easily affordable.

To make this all happen, we’re raising $10,000. For our supporters, we’ve created wonderful rewards, perks and products. Supporters in Western Australia, simply buy a small ($30) or medium ($50) box, or an annual subscription (small $180, medium $280). For all of our supporters outside of WA please donate by buying a box, and the plants from this box will be added to a ‘Boxed Green Community Box’ and donated to a school. See our Perks for more information on how you can join us in bringing nature home. Enjoy the health, hope and beauty in your own Boxed Green Biodiversity in a Box.

How is this for everyone? Even if the only contribution you can make is an idea (like a new box theme), your contribution will be welcomed.

Please, join us and help Bring Nature Home.

“Boxed Green matches my notion of ‘soft’ urbanism – marries urban with green – the ‘true Perth aesthetic’. It makes the connection easier/more accessible – encourages revisiting how we live in our space”….Sharni

Peter – “Boxed Green encourages a different way of looking at something – haven’t thought of before. It is a showcase of beautiful local species for community and schools.”

Contact Information:

Boxed Green Limited

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