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Archived: A Seattle Entrepreneur Couple Creates A Card Game To Teach Kids About Business

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Cori Robinson

Rabbit Patch Game




A Seattle entrepreneur couple creates a card game to teach kids about business.


After starting their own business, a Seattle couple created a card game to teach their four children about entrepreneurship and money management, in a fun and creative way.


Craig and Cori Robinson are dedicated to teaching their kids the principles they need to succeed at life and they’ve come up with a unique way to do it.  The couple has created a brand new card game called Rabbit Patch designed to teach kids basic principles of entrepreneurship and money management.


“We believe one of the best ways to teach children is through play,” said Cori. “Children learn through playing in a much more organic way; so we thought, why not try to teach these basic principles for cultivating success through play as well?”


The card game is designed to teach children delayed gratification, resource management, investing and creativity.  All ideas the Robinsons believe are vital for success in business and life.


“In a nutshell: this game teaches delayed gratification, resource management, and investing without kids even realizing they’re learning it,” said Craig.


The couple hopes that by instilling these ideas early on, children will be more prepared to weather any economic climate when they are on their own.


“We just feel that there is a big vacuum for this kind of education in society.  We teach our kids math and science, but there aren’t a lot of resources out there to help parents teach delayed gratification, business and money management skills to kids.”


The couple launched the game on Kickstarter.com, a crowd-funding platform and hopes to raise $15,000 for the project by October 17th.  Those interested in purchasing the game can do so by backing the project on Kickstarter.  Should the project successfully fund, the couple plans to have the game manufactured in the U.S.


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