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Oct 1, 2015 10:21 AM ET

Archived: VowVan.com One-Stop-Shop Wedding and Vow Renewal Vendor At Your Doorstep

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

VowVan is your nationwide, on-demand, one-stop-shop wedding vendor. Through franchisees all across the nation, each with their own Uber-style VowVan, we provide pop-up wedding and vow renewal venues, complete with a wedding arch, chairs for guests, music, a much more!

Take the stress out of planning a wedding or renewing your vows with your better half and call VowVan. We’ll come right to your doorstep, handle all the logistics, and provide you with the beautiful and simple ceremony you want.


At VowVan, we simply want to help people express their love for each other. That primal emotion hasn’t gone away, so why have marriages? We unfortunately live in a time where websites like Ashley Madison promote infidelity and countless other media sources contribute to divorce rates.

Founded by a single divorced man, VowVan set out to be a positive light in this world filled with growing ugliness. We help people show their love for each other with a blend of old word charm and new world ideas that bring people together.


The on-demand economy is exploding, headlined by Uber and other delivery services. We establish franchise VowVans all across the nation to bring a complete wedding, celebration right to your doorstep.

Affordable Backyard Weddings or Renewing of your Vows

More and more people today are forgoing the extravagant $100,000 wedding and instead choosing a quiet and intimate setting filled with only their closest loved ones. VowVan delivers the convenience and lower costs that these lovebirds are looking for.


VowVan integrates the niche wedding markets — flowers, arches, chairs, etc. — all these different vendors you have to deal, with and provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop. The only thing we don’t offer is catering, but we do set up cocktail hours. At worst, you cut down your vendor list from 10 to 2: VowVan and your caterer.

Nationwide and byond

Love knows no bounds and neither does VowVan! No matter you’re located, we’ll come to you!


Phase two of the web site, booking calendar, accounting, etc. Double click  campaign.

Once all the legal paper work is finalized for franchise operators, we will seek to launch our first pilot franchise.

All franchise corporate accounts are secured. Gift Baskets, flowers, invitations. National convention center set builder.

Become a VowVan Franchisee!

Low franchise and set up cost.

Franchisee owns a whole county.

Simple work flow — VowVan.com will handle everything in terms of payment and details. We send you all the info, and you set up the celebration.



For all wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, one small payment of $199 will get you:

Complete setup and takedown

A white arched steel canopy decorated with fabric and colorful silk flowers

25 white cloth covered chairs   

Your choice white or red runway carpet   

A notary vow reader and notarized vows (in necessary states)  

Background music   

For just an additional $99, we provide a beautiful 8 ft. x 8 ft. background setting — you choose either garden or beachfront!

That’s for under a grand total of $300 for an on-demand, full-service wedding vendor!

Additional products and services we can help out with:

Cocktail hour with or with out Waiter Service

Balloons and Ballon Design



Gourmet gift baskets   


Notarized vows mounted in a beautiful frame   

Travel notary for other public needs

As an added bonus, all VowVan customers can feel good that they are contributing to an important cause.


Gary is the owner of Muscle Maker Grill in Englewood, NJ and has been a PC Insurance Broker since 1991. As a single divorced man himself, he noticed there were no affordable, on-demand services that made weddings easy for people. Especially people like him who may be getting married for a second or third time. For these people, huge, expensive, and time-intensive weddings aren’t needed or desired. VowVan was born.

Max is also a self-starter. He is the owner of 201 Club, Catering Hall, and Solaia Restaurant. He brings this complete business experience to VowVan.

Contact Information:

Gary Rocknav
Max Bitan

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