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Oct 1, 2015 11:05 AM ET

Archived: McClary Bros. is growing fast and needs your help!: Drinking Vinegars, a Colonial-era cocktail and soda mixer. #BrosBeforeThose

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

McClary Bros. is growing fast and needs your help!

McClary Bros.

McClary Bros. manufactures Drinking Vinegars, a Colonial-era cocktail and soda mixer. We have the perfect mixer for craft cocktail enthusiasts and individuals looking for a natural alternative to traditional soda

AND 5% of all the funds we raise goes to Forgotten Harvest, one of the largest food rescues in the country, to relief hunger in metro Detroit!

And we’re growing like crazy…

 Our business has been experiencing massive growth very quickly! Currently, our vinegars are made at Hopeful Harvest, a subsidiary of Forgotten Harvest- one of the nation’s largest food rescues. But our office/order fulfillment/testing kitchen happens in the space they can spare and we fit in where we can. We need to move into our own space and develop ways to be more efficient in how we operate. That’s what we love your help with…

What We Need:

So we need some extra help to get all these piece in place, we have some of the funds, but here’s what we need help with:

  • $20,000 of what we raise will go toward the purchase/improvements of the building
  • $20,000 is for kitchen equipment & upgrades
  • $10,000 is for shipping and office equipment

Helping feed Detroit

And we have to make our goal or we get nothing! We decided to use a campaign that requires us to meet our goal AND we decided to do this not only to save 5% in fees, but so we could give that 5% directly to Forgotten Harvest, one of the country’s largest food rescues. For every dollar donated Forgotten Harvest is able to make 5 meals to help relieve hunger in metro Detroit which means by reaching our goal, you’re helping create over $12,000 meals!

Next steps

So let people know about us, keep enjoying our delicious Drinking Vinegars and stay in touch with us on instagram/twitter/facebook @mcclarybros and remember #BrosBeforeThose

Contact Information:

Jess Sanchez McClary

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