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Oct 1, 2015 8:44 AM ET

LIVE LIKE THAT – THE DANIEL DIAZ FILM: the true story of Daniel Diaz

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015


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Please read the description below. We thank you for anything you can contribute to allowing this film to come to life.

We are praying that this campaign will cover a portion of our production costs (hiring actors, licenses, permits, cinematography, editing etc…)

Please also visit our website for more information:                                         

Live like that is a faith based film that tells the true story of Daniel Diaz. The reason this film is named “Live Like That” is to provoke society today to adjust the focus on what really matters. Commonly, it can be very easy to be concerned about our careers, social status, reputation, and materialistic assets. Also, it can be just as common to simply spend your scarce time on earth entertaining yourself and not really living an inspired life (no motivation). The goal of this film is to show a testimony of how God used Daniel Diaz’s life to influence others and ultimately push boundaries. James 4:14 tells us: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Why is it that in society today, death and our eternal existence are so easy to forget? Daniel knew his time was short and wanted to use every second of it to help others and spread the word of Jesus Christ. 

In this film, we will go through the timeline of Daniel’s life. We will see him as young as 3 years old and almost dying of sickness to an adult being sold out for christ and eventually seeing him pass away from being murdered while mentoring the youth from his church. 

When Hitler had brainwashed the country of Germany (E.g creating documentary: The Eternal Jew) to believe that Jews were comparable to rats, with a good enough argument, it became true for many. As time moves forward we assume that society as a whole becomes more refined and intellectual. What if our mentality as a society today is completely off track? Why are there so many mass shootings like we have never seen before? This film will make the audience leave the theatre motivated to live a more meaningful life.

We are asking for you to join us and help us bring this film to life. Any donation that you can give whether big or small will be appreciated. God has given us so much favor in creating this film thus far and has opened many doors, we are thankful for your partnership. 


God Bless you


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