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Oct 1, 2015 9:01 EST

JBead Foundation, Inc.: Get Empowered. Invest with our Community, A Great Opportunity to Market your Brand Reach to a New, Progressive Investment Group: High ROI!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

JBead Foundation, Inc.

JBead Foundation, Inc.




Join Us for our Inaugural three (3) Day Business-to-Business Career & Health Awareness Conference for Empowerment and Opportunity: Expand Your Brand Reach to a New Customer Base!

Who Should Attend: University & College Faculty {Sponsor Students}, Career Center Recruiters, Foundations, Banks & Financial Institutions, Publishing Companies, Investors, Corporate Sponsors, Businesses, Mental/Health Care Industry, Research Groups, City Officials (e.g. Chairman: State Board of Equalization-Jerome Horton, 3rd District, California, left photo), Community Leaders (e.g. Reverend J. L. Covington, Middle Photo), Individuals & Public Speakers (i.e. Motivational, Inspirational, Coaching, etc.).

Congresswoman Karen Bass: Representative – 37th District of California: TALKS Health Care

What is Happening: Join Us for our Inaugural three (3) Day Business-to-Business Career Conference for Empowerment and Opportunity.

When-Date: September TBA, 2016.

Where-Our Venue: Hilton-LAX

Brief History and Our Why: Read about Who we Are: Our Mission, Vision, Problems We Solve, What sets Us Apart, Our Causes/Impact Areas, Sustainability, and our Why: Reserve your seat today for our FIRST ANNUAL three (3) day Business-to-Business Career Conference: Donate $50 (one day pass); $100 (two-day pass); $150 (three day pass). Each day pass covers opportunities to connect: Fresh Start Networking Breakfast, Luncheon, Break out Sessions, Exhibits & Gala Finale ONLY)! Donors with larger donations can reserveevent tables with signage, half-page B/W ad, vendor space, and VIP access. For more details email [email protected].

  • Passes Now Available: 2,500 total: One day pass left: 830; Two day pass left: 830; Three day pass left: 840

FIND what’s relevant to you: Education, Advancement of a Product/Business Deal to market your brand to Global Communities, and/or Develop a CAUSE/Book/Clinical Trial/Research Project, School Paper, etc.

INTERACT with those YOU choose in the real world.

CONNECT with the Foundation and our Corporate Partner: Legal Shield:National Crusade “Come Join Us 2 – Campaign” to Help Cultivate Change through Empowerment and Opportunity.

LEARN more about Who we Are: Our MISSION AND VISION, Our CAUSE(S), and strategic plan to create a member network of over 50,000 Volunteers, Legal Shield Community Associates, Donors, Sponsors, Speakers, and Social Media followers, by visiting our resource links.

JOIN us for the FIRST ANNUAL three (3) day Business-to-Business Conference:September (Date TBA), 2016, at the Hilton-LAX as A:

(1) Volunteerto assist as a coordinator with our Exchange Student(s).

(2) Legal Shield Community Associate – Become an Accelerated AssociateTODAY (one-time –$249.00) and plan member ($19.95 a month) with Identity Theft.Receive three (3) day free pass for Conference. Also, you receive a half-page B/W ad, vendor space for your business, and VIP access. Don’t wait because you will miss out on the Conference Perks for signing up!

(3) Venture Capital-Investor(s) go to Crowdfunder.com. Complete your FREE Company Profile to ACCESS our Executive Summary and Term Offer. For questions or to discuss growth, your company reach, fund development, and Return on Investment (ROI), email us @[email protected].

INVESTOR PERKS FOR OUR THREE (3) DAY BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS CONFERENCE (all island space investment come with exclusive sponsorship rights, signage, full-page color ad, speaker opportunity & VIP access):

  • Investors with $7,000 or more investment receive largest Exhibitor space to showcase your products to a national and international audience during our FIRST ANNUAL three (3) day Business-to-Business Conference: September (Date TBA), 2016, at the Venue TBA. Exhibitor space available now: 10
  • Investors with $5,000 – $6,999 investment receive second largest Exhibitor space to showcase your products. Exhibitor space available now: 20
  • Investors with $2,500 – $4,999 investment receive the third largest exhibitor space to showcase your products. Exhibitor space available now: 30
  • Exclusive PORTAL ACCESS to more venture opportunities!

(4) Website Sponsor Return on Investment (ROI) include special table seatingat our annual events, vendor space, and/or page ad (Space; Color/B&W, etc.). Sponsorship and other term years are negotiable. WE ARE FLEXIBLE and willing to work out a deal that fits your budget. Our new website is under construction and scheduled to launch October 2015.

(5) National Spokesperson(s) – for a particular CAUSE: If you are interested in becoming our National Ambassador for a particular cause, please email US your resume/VITAE! National Speaker(s) are featured at our conferences as keynote. Also, if your cause is not listed on this page, please email us to discuss your passion.

Speakers: You may present your sessions/workshops as individuals, plenary, and/or group. You can present one, two, or three days. Please email us your area of expertise (e.g coaching/motivation) so we can populate the program booklet with various topics. Please pass this powerful speaking opportunityalong to a community friend.



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Jeffery Butler, Ph.D., Founder & CEO


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