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Oct 1, 2015 6:46 PM ET

Archived: HELP RICHARD HELP OTHERS!!: I need your help to complete my MSc in Social Work – Please help me graduate!

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I need your help to complete my MSc in Social Work. Please help me graduate!


Who am I?


Hello, I’m Richard, a final year MSc social work student at Royal Holloway University London. I absolutely love working directly with people, especially children and adolescents, with the aim of nurturing a positive perspective on life and supporting their psychosocial development. My goal is to effect positive changes in these children and young adults and inspire them to great accomplishments.


I relocated to the UK in 2009 to be with my wife and to build a new career doing what I love, but with a first degree in Economics and no experience or education in health and social care, I sought to equip myself adequately. I worked as a domiciliary care worker in Croydon with children and young people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour whilst studying to gain a diploma in Psychology for which I earned a distinction. Then I worked with stroke victims within the NHS as a health care assistant for 2 years and moved on to explore aspects of physiotherapy and occupational therapy as a therapy assistant for a further 2 years. With this wealth of experience, I applied to study Social Work as a postgraduate course and in 2014 I was accepted onto the MSc Social work course at Royal Holloway.


The two year MSc Social work program will equip me with the tools to achieve my goal by helping me explore aspects of myself while gaining an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical perspectives that will lead to professionalism and a practice license.  You can find detailed information on the course here.



Why I need your help


As a non-British and non EU citizen living in the UK with definite leave to remain for the past 6 years, I am liable to pay fees as an international student. There are no government loans or student bursaries accessible to me. This means I have to pay at least twice the fees of home/EU students with no support towards educational and/or living costs. 


Although I work weekend shifts as a healthcare assistant in Chelsea and Westminster hospital while studying full time to help my wife who has taken on all our financial responsibilities deal with the household bills, it is a challenge to save any substantial amount.  


This did not deter me however, as I am determined to pursue my dream. I managed to raise enough to pay the first year’s fees of £12,900 with a combination of savings, contributions from friends and family, and a loan. While I have successfully completed the first year, the second year has now started and having explored the very limited options available, I have not been able to come up with the fees for the second year. I desperately need to complete this programme as I know I have found my niche. I am brilliant at this and in one year I have gained a lot and more importantly, I have made a measurable difference in peoples’ lives and for this to now end due to lack of funds is not an option.


 How will your donations be used?


Your very kind donations will all go directly to RHUL in payment of my final year tuition fees and PayPal fees incurred from this project.


Tuition Fees: – £13,000


PayPal Fees: – £300.00



Contact Information:

Ogom Richard Nzekwu

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