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Oct 1, 2015 8:12 AM ET

Archived: Doctors for Nepal documentary: The film follows the journey of patients trying to urgently access medical care, an anxious and heart-wrenching journey for both the patients and viewer

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

Doctors for Nepal documentary

About Doctors for Nepal 

The aim of Doctors for Nepal is to improve healthcare in rural Nepal by empowering impoverished students to serve as doctors in their isolated rural communities by:

  • providing scholarships to impoverished Nepalese students
  • supporting rural healtcare projects
  • providing a student with books and laptops

Once the student has completed their scholarship and qualified as a doctor they return to one of the many rural regions of Nepal for a minimum of four years to provide desperately needed medical care to the isolated communities of Nepal. 


About the film

The film follows the journey of patients trying to urgently access medical care, an anxious and heart-wrenching journey for both the patients and viewer. The filming was undertaken 2 weeks prior to the enormous earthquakes that rocked the country in April 2015; instantly making the footage out of date.

We are desperate to complete our film, in order to be able to use it to its’ full fundraising potential.  At the beginning of October we will be visiting Nepal exactly 5 months after the devastating earthquakes struck, and will be taking our film maker with us.  We need funds to finish editing our film, grade, sound mix and produce DVDs thus taking it to completion. Rather than use money already donated, we are appealing to donors to help us complete this challenging project – which will be used for film festivals and DVD sales, to raise funds for the future works of the charity and to raise awareness of the healthcare system in Nepal.


Check out this short introductory film to tell you more about what we do:



Why do we need your help?

Making a 60 minute documentary needs a huge investment from our charity and from our director/cameraman/editor Gareth Taylor.  We have been documenting our work and the healthcare system in rural Nepal over the past few years, our last visit being just two weeks before the earthquakes shook the beautiful country to its core.   In October 2015 we are returning to Nepal exactly 5 months after the earhquakes, to see for ourselves how our current batch of medical students are managing to provide healthcare to their rural communities, and how the country’s healthcare system as a whole is coping with the aftermath.  Our film is unfinished and bears no reference to the earthquake, so we are asking for your help and support to enable us to bring the film to completion, and in so doing raise awareness of healthcare in rural Nepal and draw attention to the work of DOCTORS FOR NEPAL.  We need your help to raise £10,000 from now until the end of November when we aim to have a gala fundraising screening of the finished film.



Thank you!

We’d like to thank you in advance for your help and support. 

So why not make a pledge now and help us spread the word by sharing our campaign via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #doctorsfornepaldocumentary and mentioning @doctorsfornepal.

If you have any questions about our film, our work or Doctors for Nepal in general, please email info@doctorsfornepal.org

Contact Information:


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