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Sep 30, 2015 5:34 PM ET

Archived: WE ARE BUILDING ANOTHER SCHOOL: to raise $40K to build a new school in Myanmar and provide four students with scholarships to attend high school

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015


We are building another school!

This year we are hoping to raise $40K to build a new school in Myanmar and provide four students with scholarships to attend high school. We hope to raise $5K through chuffed in order to help us reach this goal.

Last year The For Good Group successfully raised enough money to build our first school in Myanmar (Burma). This school now has fifty students and three full time teachers. Building the school now means the primary school children in Sitaung have a proper learning environment and attend school safely all year round. Not only does the school employ three local members of the community but with the left over money raised we built a well, providing clean water to the entire village.

We initiallydecided to raise the money to build the school in Sitaung to help a community and friends that have become like family to us. However after seeing what such a small amount of money can do to change a community we have a new goal, to raise enough money to build a new school every year and provide scholarships to ensure students continue their studies from primary school to university.

This October we plan to raise $40K (this is $15K more than last year). With this money we will rebuild a school in a neighbouring village that 120 students currently attend. The walls in this school are worn away and the children study kneeling all day on the wooden floor.

We will also provide scholarships for four students from Sitaung to go to high school. The high school is located a two hour drive from Sitaung, by providing $1000 per student we can pay for their education, food and board for 12 months. In the year 2016 scholarships will be provided to three girls and one boy who were carefully selected by the local community.

Any additional money raised goes towards the ongoing cost of doing good things. Our role is to raise the money to provide funding for these projects. All of the money we raise is passed to Koko & Zaw Zaw, two local men on the ground in Myanmar who are employed by The For Good Group. They source the schools to rebuild and students to receive scholarships. They oversee the construction and liaise with local government to maintain ongoing funding and teachers. It was because of Koko & Zaw Zaw that The For Good Group was born and with them we can continue to educate children in one of the most impoverished countries in the world to enrich their lives and futures.

We are really excited to start this new project.

Mike, Alyssa & Richie.


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