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Sep 30, 2015 8:05 AM ET

Archived: Tech Love & Care: help customers get the most out of their digital services by optimising their products and connectivity

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Tech Love & Care

Tech Love & Care


The Idea


We live in a complex digital world, where frustration ranks high and daunting terminology, incomprehensive pricing and poor customer experiences have become increasingly common.

As the name suggests, Tech Love & Care aims to bring the simplicity and magic back to technology.  Our mission is to redefine service with a single-minded purpose to ensure technology works for people, not the other way around.  Dealing with us is simple and friendly with direct access through to an agent.

Customers pay a monthly subscription, or pay as they go.  We provide a single point of contact for help and advice over the phone, pre and post purchase.  Our agents guide and support people through the minefield of interconnectivity, the sea of devices, retailers, apps, websites, content, online security, networks, and call centres.  We’ve delivered a thorough pilot for the service and as a quick example some of the recent queries we have solved include:

  • “I want to buy a GoPro camera for my boyfriend’s birthday but I have no idea what to choose or how much it will cost?”
  • “My iPhone battery life drains really quickly and completely switches itself off at 20% full – what do I do?”
  • “My kids are all over Facebook and Google so I need to make sure I have the security settings properly set up.  How do I do this?”

We feel that there is a lack of understanding of what’s available – what to pick, how to use and connect the various components (hardware / software / products) to one another.  We feel that the breadth of enquiries we’ve seen through the pilot, the usage patterns and consumer satisfaction feedback we’ve had across a broad spectrum of audiences not only validates the idea, it has reinforced the key business plan assumptions.


Our service is desinged for anyone with a question about their personal technology.  It can be marketed direct to consumer or it can also be packaged up for partner companies to pass on to their customers – for example, estate agents can give Tech Love & Care to new home owners; banks / credit card providers can give Tech Love & Care as added value to their proposition; companies with employee benefit schemes can offer Tech Love & Care; car manufacturers can include Tech Love & Care for customers buying ‘connected’ cars, etc.

So, the planned key routes to market are:

  • Direct to market; where we use the power of the brand and proposition to sell straight to consumers.
  • Partnership; where we partner with strategic companies to sell the Tech Love & Care product for a revenue share.
  • Value add; where a partner adds the Tech Love & Care product into an existing consumer proposition of their own.
  • White Label; where an existing brand utilises the Tech Love & Care capability to service their customers.



Quality and operability are at the heart of the business.  Our systems enable us to deliver ‘same-agent’ customer intimacy whether we’re supporting 1,000 or 1 million customers. We have designed Tech Love & Care to be a scalable operation from day one, built with the additional expertise from our key supply partners – which include Salesforce Service Cloud, NewVoiceMedia, Sage and Endeavour Partners.

“Tech Love & Care have incredible vision and are building their solution on a platform ready for global scale.  Salesforce are supporting Tech Love & Care on this exciting journey.” 

Maria McMenamin, Emerging and Small Business Manager UK at Salesforce.

“NewVoiceMedia are excited to be working closely with Tech Love & Care to leverage the best in class capabilities of the NewVoiceMedia system within their operation.  The combination of their culture, values and training with our systems will be sure to deliver a world leading customer experience.” 

Mark Dunn, Regional Vice President Corporate & SMB Sales at NewVoiceMedia.

“Tech Love & Care has a very exciting vision and value proposition.  It’s one of the most compelling that I have seen in the last few years and it resembles Sage’s vision.  Furthermore, Tech Love & Care has selected the Salesforce Success Platform which is IDEAL for realising their full business potential.  To add to Tech Love & Care’s success, our Sage Live team is working closely to assist Tech Love & Care implement best practices and the most effective solutions to win, service and delight customers.” 

Doug LaBahn, Ph.D., SVP Product Management and Marketing at Sage.

“Endeavour Partnership has been working closely with Tech Love & Care since its beginnings to ensure the business has a robust legal foundation and its stakeholders get the best possible legal advice available. As a firm we are thrilled to be working with such an exciting and innovative enterprise with a truly unique and ground-breaking business concept.”

Martin McKinnell, The Endeavour Partnership LLP



The core ingredients of technology products are often the same – it’s usually just how they are wrapped, skinned and branded that differentiates them.  We keep a database of product knowledge, and aim to track market changes as they happen, which are entered into our knowledge base.  We use this to train our agents. 

We have created the Tech Love & Care Academy, aiming to lead the way on the softer human skills in customer support. We also leverage the academy as one of our recruitment channels e.g. we’ve worked with colleges and universities to source high calibre candidates to grow our team and strive to build our technical capability requirements into learning programmes.  HR governance is established as a foundation and our motivating values have created an employee experience that makes it clear we are efficient, professional and totally committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Tech Love & Care is a nationwide service, with its company headquarters based in the heart of Bath.  Our operations hub leverages the best of the South West region’s rapidly accelerating tech scene.  Our links are widespread and include support from local government through Bath Council and Invest Bristol + Bath.

We think that our dynamic network coupled with our customer service committment has created a solid core from which to rollout our service.


The brand name is intuitive, scalable, and people centric – an antidote to the techie vernacular currently prevalent in the marketplace. 

Our brand name is the foundation to measure our customer promise:

  • We must have the best knowledge of TECH.
  • We must be LOVED by our clients and customers.
  • Through unprecedented levels of CARE.

This filter is also used as a measurement of employee and company performance.  

The intention is to leverage the brand to drive acquisition, thereby generating equity that will translate into tangible value at the point of exit.  The team has extensive experience in this area, having been pivotal in the growth and roll out of the Orange brand prior to its sale to France Telecom.

Contact Information:

John Wright
Christine Bayes

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