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Sep 30, 2015 7:27 AM ET

Archived: Rally for SSE!: Be a part of building a strong and innovative Sweden – Help us prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Rally for SSE!

We love entrepreneurs!

Be a part of building a strong and innovative Sweden. Help us prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs. Every penny counts!

Entrepreneurs are a critical part of society; they create jobs, make social change and increase national income. The Stockholm School of Economics is training the next generation of entrepreneurs for great global challenges ahead.

We aim to raise one million SEK in 24 hours for entrepreneurship at SSE – and we need your help.

What will I support?

All funds raised during Rally for SSE! will further develop our entrepreneurial focus. We will:

Create: SSE Business Lab – Establish international learning hubs for the SSE Business Lab start-up companies to learn from other innovative communities, such as San Francisco and Berlin. Arts and Humanities Innovations – Through entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives, such as art exhibitions, video art programs and art talks, we seek to rethink and improve contemporary business education.

Engage: Social Entrepreneurship – Develop a workshop for students and alumni to learn about social entrepreneurship.

Expand: Research – Through research our goal is to increase the understanding and knowledge of entrepreneurship and business creation.

Why is this important?

SSE is dependent on private contributions, less than 20 percent of the school’s funding comes from state funds. Therefore, we need your help to reach our goals.

There are many reasons why you would want to support SSE:

  1. You are an alum, and you want to strengthen the SSE brand and reputation.
  2. You are a faculty or staff member, and want to ensure SSE stays a top business school in Europe.
  3. You are a student, and may very well be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  4. You are just you, and see the opportunity to help Sweden stay competitive.

We are proud of our track record. Since 2001, the SSE Business Lab supported the growth of more than 150 startup companies that, by the last survey, created more than 1,500 jobs and over 2 billion SEK in aggregated turnover. The most-well known startup being Klarna. But, to support the Klarna’s of tomorrow, we will need your help.

We are leading the way in entrepreneurship research and garnering attention. Have a look at our latest report by Associate Professor Robin Teigland: Stockholm FinTech – An overview of the FinTech sector in the greater Stockholm Region.


What’s in it for me?

If you give to Rally for SSE! you will be eligible to win a prize. We have over 20 cool prizes that we will give out over the course of 24 hours.
To win a prize, you need to:

  1. Donate any amount, and
  2. Tell us “Why I support SSE” when completing your donation.

We will select the best response and notify you as soon as you win!

If you want to be eligible to win multiple prizes, then give throughout the 24 hours.

What amount can I give?

We gladly accept contributions from 10 SEK and up.

However, if you want to make a gift over 1 000 EUR (9 410 SEK):

  1. Please complete a bank transfer to SSE (Bankgiro: 5823-1366) and
  2. Send an email/call us with your name and the amount you are contributing.

This way we can count your gift in the total amount of funding raised!

Contact Jessica O’Mary, Head of Alumni and Foundation Relations at rallyforsse@hhs.se or +46 70 635 98 04.

Contact us!

For questions about Rally for SSE!: Contact Jessica O´Mary, Mobile: +46 70 635 98 04.

For questions about Entrepreneurship Research: Contact Professor Karl Wennberg

For questions about the SSE Business Lab: Contact SSE Assistant Professor Erik Wetter

For questions about our Arts and Humanities Innovations: Contact Isak Nilson

Contact Information:

Stockholm School of Economics

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