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Sep 30, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Here Be Monsters Expansion: To help fund the expansion of Here Be Monsters Craft Brewery to an 6 barrel plant

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Here Be Monsters Expansion

Project aim

  • To help fund the expansion of Here Be Monsters Craft Brewery to an 6 barrel plant.
  • To get the brewery out of the back of a garage, into some proper premises, with more space.
  • Create loads more lovely beer!

A bit of background

Here Be Monsters Craft Brewery is a tiny 1-man brewery based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. It is run be me, Doug Scard. I produce a range of exciting and interesting modern cask and bottle-conditioned real ales.

I started selling my wares in December 2014 and was stunned by the initial interest. Since then it has been difficult to keep up with demand and I have often had to ration my beers so I can spread my stock around and keep people as happy as possible.

With my own fair hands I built my current brew kit, a 1-barrel (~200 litres) brewery, in the back of a residential garage. This brewery has served me very well but its capacity and the physical space I have available is beginning to hinder my ability to produce stock efficiently and in reasonable quantity…

…Hence my need to expand.

I have a small amount of money already available but this is not enough to set up even a modest brewery…

…Hence my need to approach you guys.

The near future

Breweries aren’t cheap, however there are a few tricks to keep the expenditure down and I will be using as many of these as possible.

Initially, depending on the amount of investment I can secure, I will invest in a single fermentor to keep the initial outlay down. This will limit me to just one brew day a week at the outset, but it will make a significant cost saving.

One of the most significant costs for a new brewery is casks – you need a surprisingly large number. However I intend to brew at half-capacity – this means fewer casks will be necessary. Once this volume of beer can be sold quickly and easily I will use working capital to buy more casks and start brewing at full capacity (approximately 1750 pints per week). Eventually a second fermentor (~3500 pints per week) and even third (~5250 pints per week) will be bought from working capital.

The not-quite-so near future

Using a 6 barrel brewery with 3 fermentors I will be able to produce over 5000 pints of beer per week. This is far too much for one person to be able to deal with single-handedly, what with all the brew-days, sales and deliveries necessary for such a scale of production. At this stage (if not before) there will be employment opportunities for folk in the Holmfirth area.

Why pledge?

There are many great reasons to pledge…

  • To get your hands on delicious beer at a reduced rate
  • To get some special unique beer brewed only for pledgers as a special thank you
  • To get a special bespoke beer brewed specifically for your event or club
  • Get your mitts on a fabulous HBM T-shirt
  • A rare opportunity to get involved in a brew day
  • Even help design and brew your very own beer recipe
  • If you are from The Holme Valley or adjacent areas you will be investing in your community
  • Get a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy from being a generally amazing person

Perhaps the most important reason… I spent a day wandering around Holmfirth with a Selfie Stick talking to myself. Your pledge will help me recover from such an experience!!


How will the money be used?

The money rasied will go towards:

  • securing the premises
  • commissioning the fabrication of the brewery vessels – hot liquor tank, mash tun, kettle. and a single fermentor.
  • buying the pumps
  • buying the pipework and hoses
  • buying the refrigeration system
  • buying quantities of start-up ingredients
  • placing a deposit on a delivery vehicle

If I manage to overfund the extra money will go to buying more casks. If a lot more money is raised I may well buy another fermentor or additional casks.

* Disclaimer. A beer a day probably doesn’t keep the doctor away.

Contact Information:

Doug Scard

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