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Sep 30, 2015 11:31 AM ET

Archived: Great Tasting Juices while Reducing Fruit & Veg Waste

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Great tasting juices while reducing fruit & veg waste


“People shop with their eyes”, said the friendly vegetable-stall owner at the Old Biscuit Mill earlier this year, “so much of the best stuff, people don’t want to want to eat because of what it looks like.” While keeping up appearances is last on Mother Nature’s priority list (although she doesn’t do a bad job), Re:Fresh believes that our commercialised concept of “beauty” is more of a construct than a truth.  Inspired by the Inglorious Range of the French supermarket, Intermarche, we set out to trend-ify Cape Town’s rejected fruits and vegetables that would otherwise contribute to the 44% that is fruit and vegetable waste in our country.

While Re:Fresh prioritises a healthy community, we emphasise the need to reshape attitudes not only around food “cosmetics” but around sustainability. We hope to inspire fit, young South Africans to rethink their short-sighted use of everyday appliances. Re:Fresh is giving them this exciting chance to revolutionise their lifestyles.

How, you ask, will we do this?  Three words: Juice. Bicycles. You.

Step 1: Stop by our market stall and collect a basket.

Step 2: Pick and choose from our variety of shapely and unique organic produce. You can either follow one of our delicious recipes (and chip in a little extra for the luxury ingredients such as cinnamon and ginger) or you can pioneer your own!

Step 3: Hop on a bicycle and get cycling to power the energy-saving juice maker! It will take about 5 minutes of casual exercise before you can taste your creation.

Initially, 15% of all proceeds will go towards hot soup for disadvantaged school children and the homeless- because being healthy should not be a privilege. Furthermore, Re:Fresh intends to support only local micro-farmers to help tackle unemployment in a way that is wholesome and sustainable.


●  Cyclathons whereby volunteer cyclists raise funds to provide soup for the underprivileged via a cycling marathon in Cape Town
●  We would ultimately hope to have our own sustainable garden for organic vegetables; thereby providing employment and a stable source of fruits and vegetables for our business and the community. We would aim to use land that would otherwise not serve a purpose thereby further living out our drive for sustainability.
●  Re:Fresh soup kitchen volunteer centre

Tackle the South African attitude to the cost of food wastage socially, economically and environmentally by encouraging large retail stores to brand and market sub-grade fruits and vegetables (as is the case in Europe).


Milestone 1 –  R10 000
The Tipping Point – We reach this Milestone, we can start juicing!

●  This is the bare-minimum we need to get our great initiative off the ground. This will fund one blender-bicycles, and produce for initial stages.

Milestone 2 – R14 000

●  This will allow us to get two blender-bicycles and for you to have double the fun!

Milestone 3 – R20 000
The Ultimate Goal

●  With this funding we would be able to make the Re:Fresh experience something to remember.
●  We will be able to get equipment needed to produce more juices at the same time.
●  We will also be able to run our soup kitchen and other Re:Fresh initiatives right from the get go!

Help tackle food waste, support organic micro-farmers & save energy!
Support Re:Fresh
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/ReFresh



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