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Sep 30, 2015 5:07 PM ET

Archived: Frank the Time Travelling Lemon: Time has almost been destroyed – Only a Lemon can save it

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Frank the Time Travelling Lemon


So what is it?

Frank the Time Travelling Lemon is a science fiction book with a lean towards the humorous and the ridiculous. Think Hitchhikers Guide mixed with Red Dwarf with a dash of Rick and Morty.

The Plot

Two robots, stranded in a rapidly decaying spaceship at the final stages of the destruction of time decide that they must do all that they can to fix the damage they have caused. The only way is to travel back in time and fix the many anomolies that have infected the timeline.

There are only two problems. One – you need to be organic to travel back in time. Two – the timemachine dial is set to a backwater planet called Earth in the year 2026.

A quick rummage through the cupboard and they find a lemon. After a quick Frankensteining, Frank the Lemon is sent back in time to try and save us all.

The Goals

I am trying to make the move from stably employed bit writer to out on the edge own material writer is a hard one. With your backing I can make that move and make this book a reality.


The main benefit is the ability to grow a community. If you back me I will be your friend for life, and hopefully this will be a start of a great writer / reader relationship!

I love feedback and constructive criticism. I will be here often engaging with everybody and anybody who wants to be engaged with. I want to get to know you and have you get to know me.

Working as a Team

I am hopeful that my backers will engage with me as I post rough chapters, character outlines and backstories and help me sculpt the larger world of a vast timeline in trouble.

Contact Information:

James M Camp

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