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Sep 30, 2015 7:00 AM ET

EYENALYZE, INC: provides real time management information via web to mobile

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015




Eyenalyze.com provides real time management information via web to mobile: Net Sales, Plate Cost, Inventory, Labor, and Daily Gross Profit to owners and managers of independent restaurants and small chains. From cradle to grave of a restaurant life cycle we capture vital data to allow the restaurateur to succeed in a competitive marketplace creating efficient systems for expansion or exit.

Franchises such as Subway, Dennys and Chilis have spent millions of dollars developing software solutions to facilitate the financial management of their restaurants. Eyenalyze.com works with the leading Point-of-Sale (“POS”) suppliers in the industry ( Aloha, Micros, Point of Success, etc.) to capture sales, menu pricing, and labor data. We also work with food service suppliers and other restaurant vendors (Sysco, US Foods, PFG, Ben E. Keith, Gordon Foodservice, Bevinco, etc.) who provide their data electronically to our CRM database. For instance, Eyenalyze.com captures ordering and pricing data and is then able to provide accurate food cost information, price change notifications, and inventory management data real-time to enable the restaurateur integral data to make critical decisions towards profitability.

The company is raising money to pay for developing a scalable data management system and a web application platform making it easy for customers to access their information on the go.

” We put your back office in your back pocket”

Products / Services

Eyenalyze provides real-time restaurant data and management information to owners and operators

Eyenalyze is a financial management tool designed to facilitate the management of remote or multiple location restaurant operations. It is an affordable, internet based product that allows a restaurant owner or manager access to his financial information, on a next-day basis, from anywhere that he can access the internet. Eyenalyze compiles and presents sales information, food costs, the labor costs, and that day’s portion of the operation’s monthly overhead to show profit or loss for the day.

Contact Information:

Michael J. Rasmussen

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