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Sep 29, 2015 6:20 AM ET

Archived: Shrewsbury – The National LGBT History Festival

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2015

Shrewsbury – The National LGBT History Festival

About the project

Building on the first National LGBT History Festival which was held earlier this year in Manchester, Shrewsbury has been selected as one of only 6 hubs aross the country to host the 2016 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans History Festival and we are doing this over Valentine’s weekend 2016.

Representing the Midlands, local LGBT activists and volunteers – calling ourselves Salopian Rainbows – are putting a programme together which could include:

A Launch night with speakers, a welcome, a glass of wine

A theatrical tribute to music hall entertainers Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney: All the Nice Girls.

Presentations and discussion – with a possible 12 different mini-events to choose from

Evening entertainment 

A film screening of Reel In The Closet by Stu Maddox (who brought us Gen Silent the inspiration for SAND)

Maybe even a theatre production 

We want to make as much as possible free entry, so we need to raise some money to help this fantastic trailblazing and historic event to happen – we also need some speciifc skills (listed below – please get in touch if you are able to offer any of these). If you choose to pledge you can leave us a message and your name – or you can do so anonymously – it is entirely up to you.

We have a target of a modest £2,000 – if we can crack £3,000 we’d all be dancing.

If you would like to pledge but prefer to do so by cheque you can contact us via the ‘Message project’ link at the top of the this page and we’ll get back to you to let you know how that can happen – we will then add your pledge to the total on this crowdfunding site.

You may prefer to donate via Paypal – this doesn’t seem possible to put top of screen on Crowdfunder for projects with a target in excess of £1,000 but we can still cater for you – please click this link and we will make sure that your contribtuion adds to the total – and send us a note of what you’d like to say, incluidng whether or not you’d like your name included: I am donating via Paypal

Please note – the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival has offered to act as banker for us so it will be their name you see on your bank statement – don’t worry – all pledges made here are earmarked for the History Festival.

Join in, and be part of something special.

Pledge skills


Photographers x 3

We are looking for 3 talented and enthusiastic volunteer photographers to document the weekend who will, of course, be credited for their photographs. These will form part of a national portfolio illustrating the events taking part in 6 different locations around the country.

Video diarists x 2

We are looking for two people to share the documentation of the weekend via video who will, of course, be fully credited. As the first year of the national festival outside Manchester this is a great opportunity to be part of a national phenomena.

Sign writer

We are looking for an artistic individual who can create beautiful signage in advance of the weekend. You will get the pleasure of seeing everyone perfectly guided to their destination, and your signs will feature in our subsequent story-telling.

Sound Tech

We are looking for two techies to produce fantastic sound at events over the weekend. This includes the Friday night drama, Saturday day time presentations and Saturday night cabaret. You will get a chance to mingle with the performers and be satisfied by lovely tones.

Light Tech

We are looking for an individual to plan and produce perfect lighting on the night at our Friday night drama and the Saturday night cabaret. Both are challenging venues without existing lighting so we are after a creative solution-focused mind – someone who relishes a challenge and will gain huge satisfaction from the role.



Contact Information:

Sal Hampson

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