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Sep 29, 2015 3:47 PM ET

Archived: Help create major power-saving Geyser

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2015

Help create major power-saving Geyser
Support us to solve South Africa’s energy problem by targeting this culprit in energy wastage, let’s get this patented 90% power-saving geyser to market!

Official reports from our country’s energy provider consider the geyser as the main power using device in the home at 40% of total usage during peak periods.

We see this product as a gift from South Africa to all those in the world who seek to do something practical and significant to stem the tide against environmental degradation

In order to bring the power-saving geyser to market we require funding to build the final retail model which will be sold to the public. This is our tipping point. The patents, engineering, and major SABS certifications have already been completed by the amazing efforts of the inventor.

The major components of the geyser have been certified and will work exactly the same as current models .Once our retail model is completed, the next step is to confirm the manufacturing details. This is a mainstream exercise which is more costly than one might think, but we feel it is necessary to be comprehensive in order to offer uncompromising quality to the public.

For this product to proliferate as the solution that it is, it needs to take on a life of own in the market. All that will be needed for this, is to manufacture an initial stock holding to be taken up by retail partners. We think the final milestone is enough to make this happen.

Soentech has partnered with social enterprise Khanya Njalo to bring lights to children from homes with no electricity. Their areas have an 85% matric failure-rate due to lack of light to study by at night. Helping to fund this project (see our rewards) will turn on the lights, in their homes and for their future.


Milestone 1: R125 000
The Tipping Point

Materials to complete development of retail version to take to market.

Milestone 2: R250 000
Complete manufacturing details to get the lowest selling price.

Milestone 3: R750 000
Manufacture initial stock to make the project financially sustainable and available in major outlets.

Distribulek peak-shifter patented and developed in 2007 can be used with solar panels to go off-grid Our cooking tech has won internationalaward for 70 % power-saving

According to official stats, nearly 40% of our energy expenditure is for heating water Eskom periodically points out the geyser as a major energy wastage culprit   



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Social Environmental Technologies

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