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Sep 29, 2015 9:49 AM ET

Archived: Happy Abode: A property video company that creates HD films to showcase homes on online selling portals

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2015

Happy Abode





We create highly stunning HD movies of properties – an addition that has been claimed by certain agents to help them sell properties up to 3 times quicker. We allow a viewer to glide through a property and get a feel for the home before even stepping foot in the door. This can happen 24 hours a day. The movies can be hosted on Youtube, the agent’s own site and selling portals such as Rightmove.

Property videos have been used successfully in other countries for years. Now happyabode intends to bring the UK housing market up to date. Making video affordable for every homeowner. Our main aims are to create a better way to market homes for homeowners and to also help estate agents stay on trend whilst helping them prosper in the long term.

We believe that we are able to do this by offering a different model to what has been used before. We offer a 5% referral fee to all agents that offer our service. Giving a boost in revenue.



With over 80% of all property searches starting online, the prospective buyers have lots of choice and information to get through. Homes need to stand out. To grab the attention of that buyer. Unfortunately, some agents fail in this area, as under financial/time pressure they will often resort to bad photographs taken on smartphones or low-range cameras. This is so prevalent in the housing market that there are several websites highlighting the worst pictures displayed by vendors. This can make the difference between having next to no viewings and selling the property.

At happyabode, we have seen these kind of photographs far too often. We have also noted that many similar houses in a local market don’t stand out. This is why we want to offer video. We are not alone in our love for video. Youtube, often touted as the world’s second largest search engine, with more than 3 billion searches per month. 73% of homeowners said they want video to sell their homes. We believe that this number will only increase over time as more and more people become aware that property videos are available and affordable. Agents need to adapt and offer what the market demands.



Happyabode has been in development for the past 12 months. Equipment has been sourced to allow concept videos to be filmed. A modern, fresh and responsive self designed website has been created.

Market Research and contacts:

– Contact with initial estate agents to discuss the idea.
– Contact with several freelancers. An unbranded ad was used to attract the desire and willingness of people to freelance around the country. Contact details were collated. There was an interest into working on these projects even though the company brand was not disclosed and was ambiguous. Once established we believe the amount of interest has the potential to grow very quickly.




The money will be used on essentials that we believe will get the company fully up and running in the right direction for growth.

We plan to use the funds as follows:

– Essential equipment (imac, 3 axis gimbal, 4K camera, 4K recorder/monitor, Raid/SSD drives)
– Vehicle (signage, tax and business insurance)
– Business and customer acquisition (PR, advertising, digital marketing, SEO)
– Sales and marketing wages (when needed)
– Hire of colleagues that will enhance and grow the company
– Fixed Costs (rent, legal and accounting fees)
– Help with website to create cross compatibility and use for mobile
– Director Wages
– Working Capital
– Contingency (anything unforeseen)
– Seedrs costs

Contact Information:

Alexander Guinan
Daniel Yates

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