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Sep 28, 2015 1:52 PM ET

Archived: Where’s the Run – Sports Social Media App That Connects Fans

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

Where’s the Run is a social media app for sports-lovers. We connect athletes globally, of all ages, by helping them find a place to play, people to play with, and when to play. 

Users of our Android and iOS apps are always able to find the right demographic to play their sport with — age, location, time, skill level, etc. If you’ve just moved to a new city, you can easily find a new softball league. If a local sports league wants to get more players or needs to locate more teams, Where’s the Run is the answer. We are the only app that does this for all sports.

Where’s the Run has a variety of market applications and a massive width of scope — we will be used by all sports, all ages, all skill levels, in any area of the world.With your help, Where’s the Run will become the go-to app for sport-lovers.


There are three main problems we set out to solve:

People who enjoy playing sports at an amatuer/community/pickup level often have a hard time finding a place to play or people to play with. Especially when they move to a new city.

We experienced this problem firsthand. Upon moving to a new city, the only options you have are to hang out at a neighborhood court, hoping other people show up, or just don’t play at all. The problem is there are probably many more than just one neighborhood court and there’s no way to know which one your ideal competition plays at. The court closest to you may be occupied by teenagers 20 years younger than you who don’t offer much competition.

Kids are spending more and more time indoors playing games, and as a result, childhood obesity is on the rise.

Social media users are increasingly looking for ways to compartmentalize their interests. People are tired of the giant Facebook timeline of posts that don’t interest them, and the resulting nonstop scrolling to find the one thing that they actually want to see.


People around the world want to be more active, and Where’s the Run wants to streamline those activities through social media. People also love to upload pictures and videos to apps to share with their friends. We are giving them a home to do all their sports social media.

Users of our app are always able to find the right demographic to play their sport with. If they’ve moved to a new city, they’ll easily be able to find a new softball league. If parents are on vacation and want some alone time, they can find a summer camp for the kids. If a local sports league wants to get more players or needs to locate more teams, Where’s the Run is the answer. We are the only app that does this for all sports.


Where’s the Run combines all the social media aspects you know and love with a few new features. 

This is the social component of our app: in addition to inviting and finding friends through Facebook or Twitter, we also help you find friends based on your location, sports you like, age, etc.

In addition to friends, you can also discover games and events. We’ll suggest events to users, or they can browse for ones themselves. You don’t have to be friends with one of the participants to join, and any user can create a game or an event.

Because we integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, you can share the events you’re going to on other platforms and further help to drive users to Where’s the Run. The more of your friends who join, the more people you’ll have to play with.

By having a dedicated sports social media app, players can better hold each other accountable. You know all your fellow users are there for the same reason you are and have the same concerns as you.

Users earn points for a number of activities on Where’s the Run: hosting a successful event, attending events, sharing to other social media sites, inviting friends, and other community-building activities. Points can be used for in-app purchases of Where’s the Run gear or discounts at sporting good stores.

After an event is over, all attendees can rate the event. We also make it easy to reach out to members of past games to regroup and get together again.


Version 1 of our Android and iOS apps are fully developed. We are marketing through social media, at local sporting events, and through partnerships with sports writers and bloggers.

Being completely self-funding thus far, we have fully developed two apps without accumulating any debt, a point that will be vital moving forward.

Our goal with this fundraise is to reach 100,000 users. Don’t forget to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile to see full funding details!


The Where’s the Run team is comprised of individuals dedicated to sports, community, and family. It is these core principles that led them to develop Where’s the Run: an app that bridges the gap between the three and brings like minded people all over the world together.

Jerome, Toriano, Denico, and Rodney all grew up in Detroit, Michigan. The latter three being brothers, Toriano met Jerome at Kellogg Community College where they both played basketball. Both men transferred to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri where they finished their basketball careers and university degrees.

Jerome still lives in St. Charles to this day. After graduating with his degree in Sports Management, he found it hard to find a place to play basketball recreationally. Online research turned up nothing, so he took matters into his own hands and decided to create what he needed: Where’s the Run. Jerome oversees the company’s operation from top to bottom; he uses his personal experiences to develop ideas for how the app will operate and how to grow the business.

Toriano’s degree from Lindenwood University was in Criminal Justice. He manages Where’s the Run’s financials and daily operations.

Denico and Rodney have been in business together for over 5 years. After high school, they got into real estate, buying income properties and renting them out. They are also party promoters and car salesmen. In his role with Where’s the Run, Denico manages the marketing strategy and daily operations.

Along with his business ventures with Denico, Rodney also spends a lot of time volunteering in his Detroit community. He uses his community building experience to grow all Where’s the Run social media accounts and public interactions.

Contact Information:

Jerome Douglas
Toriano Adams
Denico Adams
Rodney Gist
Jessica Schultz

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