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Sep 28, 2015 6:33 AM ET

Archived: Turn to Nature – Eco Rehab: Offering a beautiful, supportive eco-environment in Mother Nature for those with depression and addictions who want to live and work together and heal

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

Turn to Nature – Eco Rehab

Turn to Nature - Eco Rehab


About the Project

This is a rehabilitation project with a difference … no strong rules and regulations, no judgement or expectations, just a powerful, natural healing environment that will allow freedom, rest and recuperation along with ample opportunity to participate in joint activities to develop the land into a beautiful low-impact eco village.

Why this project

Not everyone feels at home in a conventional lifestyle – school, 9-5 job, city life, partying etc. For many sensitive souls, these ‘normal’ expectations can create despair and isolation, and sometimes even worse. Those who feel they do not ‘fit in’ often turn to drugs and alcohol for relief, with detrimental effects to health and wellbeing. This can quickly become a downward spiral. 

For the last 10 years, we have watched our son Gabriel battle with depression, suicidal tendencies and every kind of addiction. It has been heart-breaking. He is 24, bright, intelligent, spiritual, talented, competent, and highly creative, yet has never felt that he fitted into ‘normal’ society. After repeated failed attempts to conform, he has isolated himself for long periods at a time. Many times he has said that if only he could live on the land with a few animals, where he could emmerse himself in nature and be self-sufficient, he would feel happy, and he believes, be cured from his depression and harmful addictions. Eco-living has been his passionate interest from a young age and many times he has sought to connect with such groups. However, existing projects he has explored have rules and regulations preventing those suffering with addictions from joining. 

Recently week, when Gabriel said that he felt he may ‘leave his body’, not by choice, but because he is in physical pain as a result of drinking too much alcohol, we knew we had to take immediate action. We would like, with all our hearts, to give Gabriel a chance to live his dream – to turn to nature and heal. We believe this may be his only hope, and the reason we are launching this appeal.

A bigger vision

If ‘eco rehab’ works for Gabriel, as he, his father, myself and close friends and family believe it will, it will work for others. The second phase of the project will be to open it up to others who are suffering the same challenges. Once established and successful, the third phase will be to develop ‘Turn to Nature – Eco Rehab’ communities around the world. This is, we believe, a great need of the time.

The immediate goal – £18,000

We have already found a suitable location for the project in Portugal, and need to quickly raise £18,000 to purchase land, a yurt, a small truck, a few animals and equipment needed to begin the first phase.

Thank you for supporting

Thank you for supporting this initiative to help Gabriel in his time of great need, and at the same time, supporting the creation of a prototype model that will inspire others suffering from isolation and addictions to turn to nature and find the peace, health, happiness and purpose that they long for.

Any contribution – small or large – will be deeply appreciated

Contact Information:


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