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Sep 28, 2015 3:17 AM ET

Archived: STROKING ADULT TOY LAUNCHES ON INDIEGOGO: VR Sync’d Headset Blows More Than Your Mind

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

Pioneering the limits of the sex tech phenomena, history will remember the eJaculator as the turning point that thrust the practice of playing with oneself beyond the stained curtains of man’s imagination toward the ineffable realms spiritual fulfillment in the carnal form.

The public and moral authorities will be catalysed not by hysteria but by the wisdom of the humanity surrounding benign personal pleasure activities that the eJaculator represents.

The eJaculator was conceived to bridge the gender gap in adult products and level up the quality, choice and satisfaction that men can experience in the virtual realms of solo pleasure augmentation.

The vilification and mudslinging of out-of-the-closet wankers shall be cast to annals of history as sex positive technologies unleash constructive conversations that serve to reframe stigmas. Who hasn’t gotten off by the power of oneself, alone or not?

The eJaculator aims to do what has never been done before. The ultimate goal is to defeat any attempts to outlaw subjective personal activities existing only in the mental sensation space of the body. Technology can be in your pants and on your side of the bed…or, just in your head.

By contributing to the eJaculator’s development, supporters are calling for a sex positive future where men and women have equal access to the best tools and cutting edge technology—facilitating individual explorations toward the edges of desire, peaks of fulfillment and heights so rarified shivers of joy blend into a hyper-reality that will leave you smiling all day. The future is here.

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1. First and foremost, how did you guys get started in this business?

Our team, at it’s founding a group of hardware punks and software freaks immersed in the Utopian markets of Shenzhen realized the possibilities by the existence of affordable sensors, screens etc. This sparked the uprising of ideas and the realization that, holy shit why doesn’t this already exist–after that it became an engineering problem that has been nothing but a hell of a lot of fun exploring and ultimately solving for a ridiculous amount of time, energy effort and brains. Couldn’t have been done outside of Shenzhen without the exposure and pace of change that is the cutting edge of tech in the world.
2. How does the eJaculator differ from the other sex toys on the market?
It’s a new category. ‘enough said. Men don’t really have any options right now besides their hand, some poor imitations of vagina’s and something that seems more like a vacuum cleaner that an on demand blow job giver …
3. Let’s talk about the VR videos used… are you going to use existing porn or do you hope to make your own exclusive content?
No this is the main innovation, connecting the sensors and the cock hugger/massager with the talent. Ultimately when we are at 2.0 you will be able to choose any fantasy you can imagine, any position, male female and more (aliens, why not?), fetish, freaks the skye the limit once you link the reality of effects with the sensations and presences of VR tech. But, to answer succinctly, the whole film part because of the VR element is an algorithmic nightmare that we are happy to report for the first time–we’ve got working prototype and film/apps operating right now that are beyond anything you can imagine. Like even better than real life. 
4. Will this change the way people have sex?
Definitely. Like Shades of Grey opened the taboo subject of certain forms of fetish into polite society of women, just the idea of this product will bridge be a conversation opener to a more humane future: the  eJaculator was conceived to bridge the gender gap in adult products and level up the quality, choice and satisfaction that men can experience in the virtual realms of solo pleasure augmentation.
5. Will men stop going outside when they get their hands on an eJaculator?
Absolutely not because they will have the confidence only attained by porn stars, A-listers and bazillionaires–the most ineffable thing about VR and especially VR synched with haptics is how it changes your experience of reality, heightens permanently. For this reason, it’s one of the best tools for personal development at a rapid level. It tricks your mind and in the privacy of your own meatspace you can feel and rewire your brain so in the default world all the positive attributes you attained or experience without shame in the VR world, can cross over.


Contact Information:

If you’d like more information about this product, or to schedule an interview with Steven Csanyi, eJaculator Co-Founder and Product Developer, please call +852/5808-4757 or send an email to Chris@eJaculator.com

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